Confiz hosts a live webinar on building a digital supply chain with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Monday, 13th December 2021 – Confiz, Microsoft Gold Partner for ERP, hosted an insightful webinar entitled “Navigating the new landscape of physically segregated yet digitally connected operations with AWMS” for the retail industry. Hosted and moderated by Ramsha Mehmood from Confiz’s Marketing team, the panel of experts included Mahum Faheem, Solution Architect, and Ali Danish, Principal Functional Consultant Dynamics from Confiz. The webinar was attended by representatives of the Middle East’s major grocery and fashion retail brands.

Missed out attending it live? You can still watch the recording here.

Speaking on what has changed and how has retail industry pivoted to adjust to these changes, Mahum expressed, “The Covid-19 Pandemic changed how the world functioned, we have all been there, every aspect of our lives has been affected, how we work, travel, communicate and shop, etc. Some developments have been sudden and involuntary, such as social distancing, wearing masks, restrictions on travel, etc. For others, it has merely accelerated the adoption of behaviors already gaining traction, such as the digitalization of shopping, banking, and more, which we all tend to enjoy. Everything in the palm of your hand, just a click away.”

She further elaborated that to meet expectations of the new normal, a balance of just in time inventory model and buffer stock level, bringing warehouse operations closer to home or shift some operations to in-house manufacturing, establishing smaller and more decentralized warehouses in key areas, embracing omnichannel fulfillment, and increased use of automated storage and retrieval system is the way forward.

Ali Danish then took over the stage and discussed key warehouse inbound, outbound and operational challenges and how they are best resolved by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advanced Warehouse Management Solution. He underlined that D365 AWMS has multiple capabilities, including warehouse design layouts based on zone group, zones, locations, etc., real-time reporting, and planning inventory, shipments, and loads using volumetrics and mobile device. All these capabilities were demonstrated through interactive visuals and dashboards.

Adding on to the benefits of AWMS, Ali elaborated on the success stories of retailers who carved and executed growth strategies to eventually lead the market channel. He stated, “Now the daily replenishment process is quite smooth for ADCOOP, labour efficiency has been optimized by using handheld mobile devices, picking time has been reduced …. (They now have) better inventory planning and tracking of outbound shipments …”

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Ali’s technical presentation on AWMS features and capabilities was followed by an insightful Q&A session with the audience.

The session concluded with Ali speaking about the Confiz expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 AWMS and how businesses can benefit from it.

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