Realize the impact of AI, Big data, and ML to ignite innovation

By tapping into the capabilities of analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI), you can reveal concealed connections within colossal data sets. Adopting the appropriate strategy and technology harmonizes efficiency, affordability, and excellence, ultimately generating quantifiable business impact.

At Confiz, AI is an integral part of our identity. We merge commercial acumen, technological expertise, vast experience, and our trailblazing approach to transform your data into tangible value. Our motivation lies in producing significant outcomes, and we are committed to unlocking the boundless possibilities of digital and Data & AI to address real-world challenges.

Transforming businesses with Data & AIFrom data ingestion all the way to behavioral prediction

Data Modernization Services

Enhance your data's value and develop advanced data products for informed business decisions by utilizing the power of modern cloud-based data architecture.

We support accelerating the adoption of a future-proof data foundation that removes barriers and boosts data accessibility, accuracy, and timeliness. With our proven data frameworks, deep expertise, and solid partner ecosystem, including leading hyper scalers and data technology providers, we assist you in building new data-driven capabilities and preparing your business to maximize the advantages of AI.

Data Management & Organization

Unlock the power of your data by optimizing your data management and organization processes. With our comprehensive solutions, you can improve data accessibility, accuracy, and relevance, enabling your organization to make more informed decisions and drive growth. Experience seamless data management and organization that aligns with your business objectives and paves the way for a data-driven future.

Data & AI Platforms and Ecosystems

We customize the data & AI infrastructure to meet your unique demands. Our team collaborates with you on cloud migration endeavors and develops a data & AI platform that fits your organization perfectly. Furthermore, we automate your data processes and machine learning operations, reducing your operational workload.

Enterprise AI Services

Harness the potential of AI to expedite your business achievements. Incorporate AI technology components and insights derived from AI into your decision-making and processes. Our solutions enable you to create customized customer experiences at scale and infuse AI into every IT process to enhance speed and efficiency, unlocking unprecedented growth for your organization.

Confiz advantage

From automation to advanced analytics, we position Data and AI at the center of your enterprise to prepare for today and tomorrow.

Data-driven methodology

With us on your side, your business strategists can confidently produce data-driven, repeatable, and AI-powered business outcomes.

Industry-certified data architects

Our certified team not only covers the whole data value journey with you but also focuses on governance, making it sustainable and scalable

Business acumen

Drawing on our strong business acumen, we partner with some of the world's largest data producers to help them unlock and realize latent possibilities.

Simplified data operations

Reduce the complexity of your data estate with a comprehensive data governance strategy and a unified console.


Enabling global companies

Trusted by some of the world’s largest and most exciting companies, we thrive on building strong relationships and an outstanding reputation. As a result, we have many things in common with our clients across the globe. However, what stands out the most is our aspiration to evolve, innovate and experiment.

Unlock infinite possibilities

Our experts help you accelerate the adoption of a future-ready data foundation that removes barriers and enhances data accessibility, accuracy, and timeliness. With our data frameworks, deep expertise, and robust partner ecosystem of leading hyper scalers and data technology providers, we help you build new data-driven capabilities and prepare your business to get the maximum value of AI.

Maximize the value of your data assets

Maximize your data assets with Data & AI: Harness powerful insights, drive informed decisions, and unlock new revenue streams. Streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance customer experiences.

Innovate products and services at scale

Innovate products and services at scale: Utilize cutting-edge tech to create disruptive solutions. Accelerate development, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth in competitive markets.

Optimize customer experiences

Optimize customer experiences: Leverage AI and data analytics to personalize interactions, predict needs, and exceed expectations. Boost engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction by delivering value at every touchpoint.

Reduce repetitive tasks

Reduce repetitive tasks: Employ AI and automation to streamline workflows, minimize human error, and save time for strategic initiatives. As a result, increases teams' efficiency, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Reduce human error

Improve efficiency and reduce human error: Implement AI-powered solutions to automate complex tasks, optimize workflows, and enhance decision-making. Drive accuracy, reliability, and productivity in every domain.

Make more informed business decisions

Make more informed business decisions: Leverage data-driven insights and AI-powered analytics to guide strategic planning. Empower teams with accurate, real-time information, fostering confident, agile decision-making.

How can data help
companies drive and accelerate growth?

By 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency.

faster decisions
Faster, forward looking decisions
revenue building
Revenue building and cost saving asset​
organizational agility
Organizational agility​
drive differentiation strategy
Drive differentiation strategy​
catalyst for innovation
Catalyst for innovation​
digital and customer first
Digital-first, customer-first​



September 7, 2023

Confiz achieved ISO 27001:2013 re-certification, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to safeguarding sensitive data and delivering excellence in information security.


September 7, 2023

Confiz collaborated with Funverks to organize a transformative leadership workshop, aiming to equip leaders with adaptive skills for navigating the ever-changing landscape of business leadership.


September 6, 2023

Confiz participates in the Digital Transformation Summit Saudi Arabia 2023 as a silver sponsor, leveraging its tech experience and expertise to fuel innovation and empower Saudi Vision 2030.

Events & Webinars

April 12, 2023

Get ready for a transformative retail experience that will elevate your brand and propel your business to new heights. Join Confiz and D.engage at our highly-anticipated retail conference in Lahore, Pakistan, on May 18th.

Events & Webinars

March 3, 2023

Watch this exclusive 45-min live webinar, where Microsoft and Confiz will share experience-driven insights into the tech-first strategy and solution for grocers to achieve operational excellence, boost productivity, and sustain business growth in the evolving grocery ecosystem.

Events & Webinars

December 28, 2022

Join us for an insightful webinar and learn how to sustain business growth in the evolving grocery ecosystem. Listen to our expert speakers, who will enlighten the audience about the future-ready solution for grocery retail.

Got more questions?

We are here with answers!

What does a Data and AI consultant do?

A Data and AI consultant is a professional who works with businesses and organizations to help them make better decisions by leveraging data and AI technologies. The consultant will typically have expertise in several areas, including data management, machine learning, statistical analysis, and software engineering. They help identify the specific business problems that need to be solved and then design and implement solutions using data and AI technologies.

What are the Data analytics services? 

Data analytics services refer to a set of techniques, tools, and technologies used to analyze, process, and interpret data to gain insights and make informed business decisions. These services can include:

Data visualization, business intelligence, predictive analytics, data warehousing, data mining, data integration, data quality management, big data analytics, data governance.

What does an AI implementation look like? 

An AI implementation can vary depending on the specific use case but generally involves several key steps:

  1. Identify the problem: The first step in an AI implementation is to identify the problem or opportunity that AI can help address. This could be anything from improving operational efficiency to developing new products or services.
  2. Define the scope: Once the problem has been identified, it's important to define the scope of the AI implementation. This includes defining the data sources, the types of AI algorithms and models to be used, and the expected outcomes.
  3. Data collection and preparation: This step involves identifying relevant data sources, cleaning and organizing the data, and ensuring it is suitable for AI algorithms.
  4. Algorithm development and testing: AI algorithms and models are developed and tested once the data is prepared. This involves selecting the most appropriate algorithms and models for the problem, training them on the prepared data, and testing their accuracy and performance.
  5. Integration: After the algorithms have been developed and tested, they must be integrated into the business's existing systems and processes. This may involve integrating AI into existing software applications, developing new applications, or deploying AI-powered devices.
  6. Monitoring and optimization: Once the AI system is up and running, monitoring its performance and optimizing it over time is important. This involves collecting feedback, analyzing results, and continuously improving the algorithms and models to ensure they remain accurate and effective.

What is AI as a service? 

AI as a service (AIaaS) refers to delivering artificial intelligence (AI) tools and technologies as a cloud-based service. With AIaaS, businesses can access AI capabilities without the need to develop and maintain their own infrastructure, software, and algorithms. AIaaS providers typically offer a range of AI tools and services, including natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, and cognitive computing.

What is the difference between business analytics and data analytics?

Both business analytics and data analytics are based on extracting insights from data to enhance business performance. Business analytics targets major business implications of data to evaluate actions that should benefit the business. These may include deciding whether a company should prioritize a distinct project or whether a business should launch a new product line to the target market.

Data analytics involves analyzing raw data for hidden trends and valuable insights. For example, businesses generate volumes of data concerning sales, logistics, market research, or transactions. Data analysts comb through datasets to find patterns, metrics, risks, and opportunities, draw conclusions about hypotheses, and develop data-based insights to support business decisions.

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