Bespoke Software Development

Craft, integrate and maintain applications and software that fit your vision.

enterprise startup

Whether you are an enterprise, startup or an accelerator, business landscape today requires agility and quick time-to-market for success

At Confiz, we translate your business needs and ideas into workable solutions and do it with agility while staying price-competitive.

With a vast experience in building simple to highly complex bespoke software applications, we support your entire journey from strategy to implementation to quality assurance to post-production.

Our Bespoke Software Development services

are designed to enable customers across diverse initiatives​

Talent augmentation

Supporting organizations to build the right teams for expedited implementation

Enterprise organizations can accelerate capability to cope with emerging and next generation technologies by augmenting teams and injecting tech talent into the existing teams to scale and grow. With a highly diversified technology talent and enterprise accustomed program teams, we seamlessly augment existing or new engagements while absorbing the onboarding and training risks.​


Intuitive and interactive applications to scale your business​

At Confiz, we are proficient in developing Android, iOS, native, hybrid, cross platform mobile applications as well as progressive web apps, enabling and empowering businesses. We leverage industry best practices, latest technology and tools and our vast industry knowledge to create high performing applications that deliver on their business promise. ​

Managed services

Full-service management of IT infrastructure to help businesses run smarter ​

Optimal use and delivery of software requires that the service and infrastructure on which it runs must be managed and refurbished with time. We take this responsibility off your shoulders on to ours, so you can focus on your strategic goals. From implementing updates, performing upgrades, to maintaining and optimizing applications, our consultants curate a custom collaboration so you always have an optimally-functional platform.​

Quality assurance

Uncompromising testing protocols to advance the highest quality standard criterion

Build and deploy robust bug-free products and softwares as we conduct end-to-end testing of your infrastructure, applications, and data. QA doesn't just cover software testing. We do a thorough run including manual functional testing, automated testing, systems stress testing, system load testing, systems security testing, performance testing, etc. We rigorously test all applications against strictly established protocols and agile testing methodologies to provide your software with a 360º quality assurance.​

Solution strategy

From conception to manifestation, establish the solution foundation and strategy roadmap towards end goals​

It goes without saying that strategy lies at the foundation of every solution. Whether you are a startup with an idea or an enterprise with a problem statement, we dig deep to understand the situation, recommend how you should go about formulating the solution to the problem and roadmap how this will eventually evolve into a solution manifesto. Our consultants collaborate with you to chalk out the whole journey towards an end goal that truly delivers on your vision.​

The era of  
Software is eating the world

More than two-thirds of the global economy is going to be digitally-based by the end of 2021, according to IDC. ​

process efficiency
Operational and process efficiency​
Agility and scalability
Stakeholder insights and excellence​
Collaboration and communication
strategic enablement
Strategic enablement​

The Confiz experience



We follow a strategic approach to validate the hypothesis, accelerating time to market with hyper convergence of scope, delivering MVP in 3 months.

mid growth

Mid-growth or transitioning

We ensure technology and infrastructure alignment for high-growth SME organizations with evolving operational complexities so they can scale seamlessly as they grow​.



We expertly handle some of the world's most complex organizations' processes with more than a billion dollars in sales transactions everyday​.

Success story
People-driven retail experience

A textbook case of design thinking applied to re-architect Macy's in-store technology ecosystem.

Read more

Tools and technologies

to maximize value for your business


  • smart phone
  • wearables
  • desktop
  • IOT
  • POS


  • Mac
  • kotlin
  • xamarin
  • Reactive native
  • flutter
  • Angular
  • ember
  • Jquery
  • Responsive
  • web
  • UWP

Business logic

  • java
  • net
  • node
  • python
  • ror
  • scala


  • spring
  • hibernate
  • exmpress


  • mongodb
  • mysql
  • oracle
  • sql
  • ibm


  • kanban
  • scrum
  • xp
  • safe
  • agile

Got more questions about Bespoke Software Development?

Here's everything you need to know

What programming language is used for mobile application development?

The most popular programming languages for mobile application development include Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, C#, Xamarin, React Native, Appcelerator, Cordova/PhoneGap, Ruby, Python, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and BuildFire JS.

What are the benefits of agile software development?

Agile software development is a project management methodology that focuses on breaking the development process into numerous smaller builds. It then uses sprints or iterations in short development cycles to complete the project. This method of development allows iterative development, self-organizing teams, and better adaptation to change. The prominent benefits of agile software development include:

  • Predictable costs
  • Timely delivery
  • Transparency
  • Improved quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Productivity
  • Team collaboration
  • Risk reduction
  • Improved business ROI (return on investment)
  • Quick adaptation to changes

What are the types of mobile applications?

Mobile app developers build apps in one of these three categories: native apps, hybrid apps, and PWA (progressive web app). To develop these, numerous programming languages are used. Native apps are coded in a language that is supported by select mobile devices and operating systems. Hybrid apps are coded in a single language but they have the capacity to run on both Android and iOS platforms. A PWA (progressive web app) is an application that can be accessed from any web browser. It is lightweight and although it looks like a mobile app, it is not delivered natively on a specific device.

What is the software development lifecycle?

Software Development Life Cycle refers to applying standard business practices while building software applications. This lifecycle is divided into eight steps such as:

  • Planning
  • Gathering requirements
  • Design
  • Building
  • Documenting
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

While these eight steps are the standard, some project managers may omit, split, or combine any of these as per the project requirements and scope.

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