Personalize at Scale and Accelerate Growth with our Customer-Driven Marketing Solution

Execute consumer-focused campaigns and provide a tailored brand experience to increase conversions for your business. 

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Our Leading Customer-Driven Marketing Solution - Empowering 100+ Top Brands

Increase Customer Acquisition & Retention

Conveniently address funnel drop-offs and increase your retention rates through tracking customers’ buying behavior across touchpoints and crafting an efficient customer-driven marketing strategy.

Enhance your Customer Experience

Provide a seamless customer experience through personalized marketing communications across platforms backed by useful customer insights and data.

Increase Return on Investment and Conversions

Increase your return on investment by launching cross platform marketing campaigns, well suited to your customer’s current life-cycle stage.

The Customer-Driven Marketing Solution That Your Team Needs

Make your customers’ journey highly personalized and memorable through our state-of-the-art marketing solution and its dynamic modules. Boost brand loyalty and drive profitability for your business right away!


A unique offering built from the ground up with marketers in mind. Save time and use all the data to create effective marketing campaigns no matter the channel. Integrate all your data sources and select those that matter while offering personalized content which drives real engagement and sales through our state-of-the-art CDMP module.

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Create a lasting impression on your customers by sending personalized messages across channels conveniently and securely with our application-to-application multichannel messaging platform's breakthrough features of centralized template management and performance tracking alongside enterprise-ready security and optimized deliverability.

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Our Key Capabilities

With scalable tools for segmentation, personalization, messaging, and orchestration, CDMS empowers cross-channel engagement strategies for your teams with no additional resources.

With the capabilities of CDP, CDMS enables you to collect, integrate and activate profiles of every anonymous and known customer. This allows your business to have a single source of truth to enhance customer engagement and ensure personalization across all devices and channels.

Easily create targeted audience segments based on their purchase history, buying patterns, engagement on the website and app, attributes, or any other set of data available to you. These segments will be found up-to-date and ready whenever you need to launch cross-platform marketing campaigns.

Personalize every experience utilizing customer insights and behavioral data to target accurate product recommendations, coupons, or other promotions to your customer, across platforms. Be it mobile, SMS, Email, or web notifications.

With CDMS, you have the opportunity to manage multiple marketing channels from one place. Make optimal use of our native channels including SMS, website, push notifications, email and digital ads to execute personalized marketing campaigns. Also, optimize your budgets by measuring the success of ongoing campaigns and benefiting from real-time customer insights regarding how your customers interact with your brand.

Automate your customer journeys at scale by ensuring that trigger messages are sent on the right time across communication channels with relevant content that resonates with the customer’s current activity, life-cycle stage, and buying behavior. This is made possible through our intuitive, drag-and-drop canvas alongside multi-channel and multi-device experiences.

Make efficient and well-informed marketing decisions by timely gauging the impact of your campaign’s performance through ready dashboards and cross-platform campaign analytics.


Explore how customer-driven marketing can help you with your growth journey!

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Drive Customer Engagement with CDMS

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