Customer Driven Marketing Platform

Craft immersive and personalized customer journeys through a unified solution integrating the robust potential of a comprehensive customer data platform with the intuitive prowess of a marketing automation platform. Effortlessly connect with your customers across diverse channels—email, SMS, digital ads, web, and mobile notifications—and drive loyalty, retention, and conversions like never experienced before!

Customer Driven Marketing Platform

Core Features

Powerful Marketing Capabilities in One Platform

Customer Data Platform

Audience Segmentation

Content Personalization

Marketing Automation

Omnichannel Execution

Reporting & Analytics


Create a single source of truth

With a CDP at its core, CDMS allows you to integrate, collect, and activate in-depth profiles of every known and anonymous customer. Having a single source of truth enables your business to have better customer engagement and drive personalization at scale across all channels and devices and execute a successful multi-channel marketing strategy.

Customer data platform
Audience Segmentation


‍Build highly targeted audiences

Easily create precise audience segments based on any combination of contact attributes, channel engagement, purchase history, web and app behavior or any other data available to you. Segments are always up-to-date and ready to use across campaigns or channels within CDMS or can be synched to external platforms.


‍Personalize every experience

Deliver 1:1 customer experience across all channels and devices using our powerful personalization engine. Use any combination of data from your contacts, relational tables, product recommendations or coupons to personalize any channel, whether it’s email, SMS, mobile or web notifications.

Content Personalization
Omnichannel Execution


‍Manage all channels from a single place

Use our native channels including email, SMS, digital ads, web and push notifications to successfully execute multi-channel marketing campaigns and measure their success. CDMS, which also serves as an omnichannel marketing automation platform generates real-time insights on how your customers engage with your brand across channels to optimize your customer-driven marketing strategy and budget.


‍Automate customer journeys at scale

Make the shift from channel-driven to customer-driven marketing by coordinating multi-channel, multi-device experiences. Easily design and launch automated customer journeys using our intuitive, drag-and-drop canvas. Trigger timely messages across channels with relevant content that responds to customer behaviors, context and activity.

Market Automation
Security Compliance


‍Get a holistic performance overview

CDMS Analytics provides a holistic view of your omnichannel marketing performance, allowing you to see what works and what doesn’t, faster than ever. We’ve gathered all the analytics you need in one place so you can compare channels, measure the impact of your efforts, and optimize your marketing strategy in real time. No reliance on external marketing platforms needed!


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