Multichannel Messaging Platform

Ensure smooth integration of enterprise applications through our multichannel messaging API. Get access to multiple communication channels with minimal changes to your backend systems.

Multichannel Messaging Platform

Core Features

Enterprise-Grade Message Transfer Agent

Multichannel Message Relay

High Performance

Advanced Reporting

Optimized Deliverability

Template Management

Security Compliance


Send messages on any channel

Send and track marketing and high-volume tractional messages across multiple communication platforms including SMS, Email, Web, and Mobile Push with one single platform, utilizing the capabilities of CDMS’s application-to-application message relay engine.


  • Injection via SMTP, AMQP and REST API
  • Advanced scheduling options
  • Sending volume and time limitations
  • Attachment support
Multichannel Message Relay
Optimized Deliverability


‍Optimize deliverability with minimal effort

The robust engines of MMP are preconfigured to handle the complex rules of deliverability. The module offers provider-specific configurations including speed, rate, throttling, and connection limiting, etc. Making email deliverability and user’s activity tracking easier than ever.


  • Authentication standards support (DKIM, SPF, DMARC)
  • IP rate limiting
  • Automated IP warmup
  • Blacklist, bounce, and feedback loop management


‍Boost performance with fewer servers

MMP, with a high-performance multi-threaded architecture, enables messages to queue in the memory, and with one single instance, you can send and handle millions of messages per hour with minimum server requirements.

  • 5 million messages per hour from a single server
  • Horizontally scalable architecture to meet high-speed, high-volume message delivery
  • High availability – easily scale message queues across multiple machines
  • RabbitMQ for message queuing and reporting
High Performance
Template Management


‍Centralized multichannel template management

You can easily create, personalize, preview, test and save your multi-channel marketing content in one single repository. Also, the module’s built-in features such as complex personalization blocks with rendering preview services enable personalization.


  • Centralized template repository (Email, SMS, Web & Mobile Push templates)
  • Upload your existing content or retrieve content with APIs
  • Complex personalization blocks, JavaScript engine, and personalization rendering
  • Separate templates for Marketing and Transactional messages


‍Monitor performance in real-time

Get a complete view of your cross-channel sending statistics, number of messages delivered, clicks and open rate through a single platform. Keep track and record your bounce rate and number of complaints so you can address any issues immediately.


  • Detailed reports for each message delivery including bounces, opens and clicks available through the Web UI
  • Reports can be pushed to your existing systems or can be retrieved from RabbitMQ queues or SMTP
  • Query historical transactional sends by target address or message ID
Advanced Reporting
Security Compliance


‍Secure and compliant platform

Ensure secure deployment into your existing infrastructure through enterprise-ready security and operational processes. Features like privacy compliance, account provisioning, approval workflows and message encryption keep your marketing and communications operations protected.


  • On-premise deployment
  • SSO/LDAP authentication
  • TLS message encryption
  • Detailed SMTP logs available for audits


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