Kick-start your transition journey to Cloud-based services to accelerate IT modernization​.

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cloud empowers business

Cloud empowers businesses, whether a disruptive startup or a leading global enterprise, to extract maximum performance from their infrastructure assets.​

Our expertise within the cloud journey covers the entire IT infrastructure stack, layered with governance and backed by emerging technologies. We put the user and enterprise at the heart of the process and create an enabling Cloud-first movement within the organization.​

Our service offerings

cover every step in the cloud journey​

Cloud migration​

Simplify and accelerate end-to-end legacy applications migration​

Cloud migration is more than simply taking your infrastructure to Cloud. It involves a deep-dive analysis of your existing IT estate and the way your assets are utilized.

It's not just lift and shift of technology, software, data and support SOPs, but also includes a complete repositioning in the ways you work and approach technology planning and execution. ​

Cloud optimization​

Cloud re-factory and right-sizing to achieve optimal ROI and performance​

Cloud migration and adoption can be expensive and resource intensive. Cloud re-factory delivers a highly curated execution model to optimize cloud consumption across the entire journey.

From defining KPIs of the cloud journey of a business app to full scale adoption, our SWAT team implements a continuous refactoring process to optimize cloud usage.​

Application modernization​

Modern business applications crafted from the ground up and existing applications reimagined​

Legacy software is difficult to manage, scale and maintain. Modernization uses today's standards and methods to build future-proof applications. We effectively help you reimagine, redesign and rewrite cloud-native, modern business applications to a more scalable and efficient platform.

This step towards adaptability allows your organization to become resilient to change and maintain sustainable growth. ​

Governance and provisioning​

An enterprise cloud-first enablement framework that dictates the ecosystem's discipline and rulebook​

Through advanced data analytics tools unlocked by Microsoft Azure, we help IT organizations build well managed governance and provisioning practices. Our curated governance models and KPI dashboards give you a 360° view of how well regulated your cloud assets are.

We continue to bring iterative improvements in your Cloud governance through our governance design patterns.​

Emerging Cloud tech​

Evolving next-gen technologies adopted to discover new avenues of maximizing cloud investment​

Constant innovation within Cloud means that an organization may pass over new technologies gaining traction and their benefits despite being cloud-mature. Evolution of old technology requires upgradation to sustain and scale.

Whereas advent of emerging technologies present new avenues to get even more out of your cloud optimization. ​

Cloud strategy and adoption​

Chalk out the roadmap from being cloud-opportunistic to a cloud-first approach​

Cloud's advantage is fully realized only at the end of the tunnel - living the cloud-first approach. To reach that end, you must embark on a journey from being partially onboarded and then gradually increasing cloud's footprint across your organization.

A comprehensive strategy helps you fully realize the promise of the cloud. ​

Cloud security​

Secure cloud assets through robust infrastructure and governance security patterns​

As the cloud journey begins, Confiz develops a security itinerary based on their unique challenges to protect the enterprise against any chance of data breaches or vulnerability.

Cloud security policy and responsibility matrix allows to fearlessly tap into the Cloud potential, not letting it be a barrier to growth. ​


Constant evaluation and refinement of operations to leverage optimal performance​

CloudOps is the art of onboarding software assets to the cloud and ensuring that all the citizen applications are operational 24x7 inside a fully optimized cloud ecosystem.

Our CloudOps experts continuously identify and then rectify any shortcomings to suit your efficiency targets, ensuring availability, flexibility and efficiency of your cloud. ​

Be on the front-line of the
Digital Revolution, powered by Cloud​

By 2024, more than 45% of IT spending on system infrastructure, infrastructure software, application software and business process outsourcing will shift from traditional solutions to cloud.​

unlock new opportunities
Unlock new opportunities​
Scale with agility​
ensure business continuity
Ensure business continuity ​
foster strategic innovation
Foster strategic innovation​
enable powerful integrations
Enable powerful integrations​

The Confiz experience

the right balance

The right balance​

At Confiz, we think across and beyond the spectrum to orchestrate a Cloud strategy that balances infrastructure needs with your appetite for risk and agility, in line with your specific business goals.​

the right methodology

The right methodology​

Cloud adoption can become challenging if not done right. We understand that every unique cloud journey demands innovative methodologies for successful implementation and deployment.​

the right experience

The right experience​

With more than a decade old industry presence in some of the world's largest organizations that process terabytes of data daily, we are uniquely positioned to help unlock your potential and embrace Cloud with confidence.​

Tools and technologies

to maximize value for your business


  • azure app service
  • azure vms
  • azure functions
  • azure kubernetes services

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning​

  • azure cognitive services
  • azure data bricks
  • azure machine learning
  • azure bto services


  • azure migrate
  • azure migration service


  • azure active directory
  • azure information protection


  • azure api management
  • azure logic apps
  • event grid
  • service bus

Storage and Analytic​s

  • azure sql
  • azure storage
  • azure data lakes
  • data factory
  • azure stream analytics
  • azure synapse


  • azure devops
  • azure repos
  • azure monitor
  • azure boards

Got more questions about Cloud Services?

Here's everything you need to know

How to migrate an enterprise workload into the cloud?

Migrating an enterprise workload into the cloud comprises a five-step strategy. These five steps are:

  • Assessment
  • Pilot
  • Move Data
  • Move Applications
  • Optimization

If you are planning to migrate your business workload into Google cloud, here are some detailed steps of doing so.

How long does a cloud migration take?

The time required for a successful cloud migration depends on the project and its requirements. Usually, a medium-sized project that involves migrating documents and emails to the cloud can take up to 2-3 months. If you are planning to set up complex servers in the cloud, it may take you a year to do so.

Why migrate to the cloud?

Migrating to the cloud has many benefits and businesses aiming to future-proof their processes are increasingly opting for this option. Below are some of the prominent reasons that convince businesses to migrate to the cloud:

  • Cost reduction
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Swift implementation
  • Easy availability

What is a cloud-first strategy?

Cloud-first strategies can be described as operations strategies where businesses move their entire infrastructure to the cloud. It is done through cloud-computing platforms that include, Google Cloud, AWS, or Microsoft Azure. This reduces investment into expensive hardware and maintenance staff as compared to the on-premises deployment. Businesses choose cloud-first strategy as it brings scalability, configurability, reproducibility, reliability, observability, reduced costs into processes.

What is a hybrid cloud strategy?

In the hybrid cloud strategy, businesses combine private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises infrastructure to develop a single, cost-efficient, and flexible IT infrastructure. Likewise, a hybrid cloud strategy can be explained as a plan to deploy and manage applications on public and private clouds. It is a necessary strategy for organizations undergoing a digital transformation for the first time.

How to modernize legacy applications?

Legacy applications are outdated software programs that exist because they tend to be an integral part of a core business process. In their case, businesses are usually presented with three options: discard, replace, or legacy application modernization. You can modernize legacy applications using the following steps:

  • Encapsulation
  • Re-hosting
  • Re-platform
  • Refactoring
  • Re-architect
  • Rebuild

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