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Empowering contact centers through Gen AI: A closer look at Copilot for Service  

Most organizations struggle with siloed data. Their knowledge is distributed across disparate data, and we are not just talking about organizational data but customer data as well. From customer records to case histories, this data is stored on more than one or multiple systems. Additionally, the information is scattered across knowledge base articles, offline documents, […]

Driving retail agility: Microsoft Dynamics 365’s AI capabilities in action

In the present retail landscape, AI is no longer limited to sending email promotions or displaying online ads. Retailers are harnessing AI to track customer behavior both online and in-store, enabling smarter decisions in pricing, merchandising, inventory management, store layouts, and beyond. According to McKinsey, companies leveraging AI-driven data analytics are experiencing significant benefits, with […]

How to build your own Copilot in Microsoft Copilot Studio  

Generative AI has transformed productivity for businesses in nearly every industry. Organizations are looking for ways to leverage this technology, add business value, and experience its potential impact on their workforce. McKinsey & Company’s research reveals that AI contributes up to $4.4 trillion annually to the global economy. Furthermore, experts believe that some technological capabilities […]

Navigating compliance excellence: A deep dive into ZATCA integration with Dynamics 365 F&O 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 stands as a dominant ERP choice for medium and large enterprises globally. Businesses across various verticals, especially in retail, have extensively benefited from its diverse ERP portfolio, offering a myriad of packages, customizations, deployment models, and flexible pricing.  For those managing retail and business operations through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations […]

Customer experience redefined: The dawn of Generative AI in Dynamics 365 release wave 2 

Generative AI stands at the forefront of transformative advancements, empowering businesses worldwide with heightened efficiency, innovation, and expanded capabilities. According to Gartner’s projections, a significant shift is anticipated by 2024, with 40% of enterprise applications integrating embedded conversational AI. The global market for AI, inclusive of Generative AI, is on track to reach an impressive […]

Next-gen retail: Migrate to Store Commerce without uninstalling or re-activating MPOS devices

The retail sector is undergoing a substantial transformation, influenced by changing customer shopping behaviors driven by factors such as inflation, artificial intelligence, and trends like social commerce.  For retailers, maintaining a competitive edge and delivering a seamless shopping experience is paramount. Microsoft has introduced the Dynamics 365 Commerce Store Commerce app – an innovative solution […]

Streamlining production: Dynamics 365 Manufacturing’s role in process optimization  

As the manufacturing landscape evolves with a constant influx of new processes and technologies, the pressure on manufacturers to maintain peak productivity across their supply chains intensifies. Facing a multitude of challenges, primarily centered around operational inefficiencies and supply chain disruptions, the industry finds itself at the nexus of Industry 4.0—the fourth industrial revolution that […]

Decoding ZATCA e-invoicing wave 8: Key steps for compliance

On August 18, 2023, the Saudi Arabia Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) declared through its official website that taxpayers residing in Saudi Arabia having a taxable turnover surpassing 40 million Saudi Riyal (SAR 40m) during the calendar year 2021 or 2022, will be encompassed in the eighth wave of Phase 2 e-invoicing integration and […]

How to set up and configure the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Store Commerce app 

how to set up and configure store commerce app

In October 2023, Microsoft made a significant move by deprecating its Modern Point of Sale (MPOS) and introducing Store Commerce, a dynamic cloud-based application. Boasting complete feature parity with its predecessor, including integrated hardware support and an offline mode, Store Commerce simplifies the retail landscape.  Designed to empower first-line workers, including cashiers, sales associates, inventory […]