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Leveraging Databricks and Microsoft Fabric for next-gen data solutions 

Data management techniques

For years, Databricks has enabled organizations to work with all types of data, structure and unstructured, within a unified, user-friendly environment. Databricks has empowered enterprises to streamline their data workflows, accelerate insights generation, and drive innovation. In fact, over 7,000 organizations, regardless of their sizes, have been using Databricks for data engineering, advanced analytics, and […]

Copilot in Microsoft Fabric: AI-driven Data Experiences

Co-Piloting Your Journey with Microsoft Fabric

In today’s data-driven business world, businesses are showing great dependency on their data to make decisions based on insights. However, simply having data isn’t enough. Companies need intelligent, accessible analytics tools to unlock their true value. This is where Microsoft Fabric comes in, featuring a powerful and unified analytics platform with its Copilot capabilities, helping […]

Sense, analyze, and generate insights with Synapse Real-Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric 

The way we access and consume information has changed drastically. We no longer rely solely on static data. Instead, we seek interactive, on-demand, and readily accessible information to make decisions consciously and unconsciously. This shift has been powered by keyword-based search, big data, and streaming data ingestion. Amidst this evolving data landscape, the business world […]