Understanding Dynamics 365 Support: A journey beyond standard assistance 

November 14, 2023

Implementing Dynamics 365, which encompasses platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O or Dynamics 365 CE, requires meticulous resource planning and a substantial financial commitment. Whether your organization has recently migrated to this platform or has been utilizing its functionalities for an extended duration, support services remain indispensable. 

The pivotal role of Dynamics 365 Support Services cannot be overstated; they are fundamental to maintaining the optimal performance and seamless operation of your Dynamics 365 environment.  

Implementing an ERP, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, is a huge undertaking that requires meticulous resource planning and significant financial commitment. Once you have completed the migration to this ERP, or even if you have been using it for some time to enhance your business operations, the need for post-implementation support services is unavoidable.  

This blog explores various types of Dynamics 365 Support Services available, the substantial value they bring to your business, and the significance of partnering with a Microsoft-certified provider to meet your support needs. 

Introducing Dynamics 365 Support Services  

Dynamics 365 Support includes a spectrum of services to help organizations fully optimize Microsoft Dynamics 365. The support services include incident management, change management, proactive and reactive monitoring, as well as release management, all aimed at effectively overseeing and optimizing the D365 environment. The goal is to empower organizations to leverage the suite of business applications efficiently, enabling them to achieve their business objectives while upholding high performance and availability. 

What is covered in Dynamics 365 Support Services? 

An enterprise using Dynamics 365 ERP or CRM must ensure the continuity of processes and the stability of process optimization strategies. This is achievable through robust internal and external support systems. 

Value-added services included in Dynamics 365 support include: 

Technical support 

Technical support involves addressing issues related to the infrastructure, software, or system setup of Dynamics 365. It encompasses resolving technical glitches, troubleshooting errors, handling system downtime, managing server-related problems, and ensuring the overall stability and functionality of the system’s architecture. The support team provides timely and effective technical assistance, ensuring optimal performance and maximizing the return on investment (ROI) from your Dynamics 365 deployment. 

Functional support 

Functional support aims to enhance your business operations by offering guidance on best practices and configuring Dynamics 365 modules to align with your specific business needs. The support team works collaboratively to help you achieve your strategic objectives, improve user adoption, and maximize the overall value derived from your Dynamics 365 investment.  

System administration and monitoring 

System administration and monitoring support include comprehensive oversight of your Dynamics 365 (D365) environment. Experts take care of managing user accounts, permissions, performance monitoring, security configurations, and the installation of updates. Through a proactive approach, the D365 consultants identify and address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the smooth and secure operations of your D365 environment. 

Customization and configuration support 

Customization and configuration support empower you to tailor Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM systems to meet your specific business needs. D365 consultants work with your team to design custom workflows, configure integrations with other systems, and develop tailored solutions that streamline your operations. 

Training and knowledge transfer 

Dynamics 365 support also includes training and knowledge transfer designed to empower your staff with the knowledge and skills needed for effective system use. The specialists offer customized training materials and conduct sessions tailored to your business’s specific needs. Additionally, they offer ongoing support to ensure that your staff stays informed about new features and capabilities, fostering continuous learning and development. 

Integration support 

Integration support services involve ensuring seamless connectivity and interaction between Dynamics 365, Microsoft tech stack, and other applications or systems within an organization. It includes configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining integrations with third-party applications, data synchronization, API connections, and ensuring data consistency across systems. Experts work with our clients to understand their unique integration requirements and provide them with the best possible solution so they can achieve their business goals, ranging from seamless dataflow, insights-led decision-making, frictionless customer service, and process efficiency.   

Performance optimization 

Performance optimization focuses on enhancing the overall performance and efficiency of Dynamics 365. This includes identifying and addressing performance bottlenecks, optimizing system configurations, database tuning, improving query performance, enhancing system responsiveness, and ensuring scalability to handle increasing workloads. 

Tiers in Dynamics 365 Support Services 

Dynamics 365 Support Services follow a tiered model. This approach ensures system stability, minimizes disruptions, optimizes performance, and aligns Dynamics 365 with evolving business needs for sustained success. Let’s dive deep into the tiers Dynamics 365 support services include: 

Tier 1: Reactive support 

Reactive support services involve addressing issues or incidents as they occur. It focuses on reacting to immediate problems or challenges faced within the Dynamics 365 environment. This tier typically includes troubleshooting, incident resolution, bug fixing, and providing quick responses to system failures or user-reported issues. Reactive support aims to restore normal operations swiftly and minimize disruptions to business processes. 

Tier 2: Proactive support 

Proactive support services go beyond reacting to issues by identifying and mitigating potential problems before they impact the system. It involves preventive measures, regular system monitoring, performance analysis, and risk assessment to anticipate and address issues before they escalate. Proactive support includes system health checks, proactive maintenance, security audits, regular updates, and implementing best practices to optimize system performance and reliability. The aim is to prevent disruptions and improve overall system stability. 

Tier 3: Continuous improvement 

Continuous Improvement focuses on ongoing enhancement and optimization of the Dynamics 365 environment. It involves a systematic approach to evolving the system by incorporating feedback, adopting new features, implementing user-driven enhancements, and leveraging emerging technologies. This tier includes evaluating user feedback, identifying opportunities for system enhancements, implementing new functionalities or integrations, conducting user training for new features, and staying updated with the latest Dynamics 365 capabilities. Continuous Improvement aims to ensure that the system evolves in alignment with business needs, industry trends, and technological advancements to drive ongoing value for the organization. 

By combining these tiers in Dynamics 365 Support Services, organizations can swiftly address immediate issues (reactive support), proactively prevent future problems (proactive support), and continuously evolve and optimize the system to meet changing business requirements and technological advancements (continuous improvement). This comprehensive approach helps ensure the reliability, efficiency, and long-term success of the Dynamics 365 environment. 

How can Dynamics 365 Support Services enhance business performance? 

In addition to ensuring seamless operations, sustained process flow, and consistent system fine-tuning, business benefits of opting support services include: 

Continuous operation 

Dynamics 365 support services ensure the continuous operation of your business processes. Any disruptions, technical issues, or system downtimes can be promptly addressed, minimizing the impact on productivity. 

Optimized performance 

Support services work towards optimizing the performance of Dynamics 365. This involves regular assessments, updates, and adjustments to ensure the platform is running at its best, providing a smooth user experience. 

Maximized ROI 

By addressing issues promptly, streamlining processes, and leveraging the latest features and updates, support services contribute to maximizing the return on investment (ROI) for your Dynamics 365 implementation. 

Customization and scaling 

As your business evolves, Dynamics 365 support services facilitate the customization and scaling of the platform to align with changing needs. This ensures that Dynamics 365 remains a tailored solution that grows with your business. 

User proficiency 

Support services offer training and guidance to enhance user proficiency. This contributes to a more skilled workforce, enabling users to leverage the full potential of Dynamics 365 in their daily tasks. 

Security and compliance 

Dynamics 365 support services are crucial for maintaining your system’s security and compliance. This includes implementing security measures, addressing vulnerabilities, and ensuring adherence to industry regulations. 

Strategic guidance 

Support services provide strategic guidance on how to best utilize Dynamics 365 for your business objectives. This includes advice on feature adoption, process improvements, and aligning the platform with your overall business strategy. 

Efficient issue resolution 

In the event of issues or challenges, support services offer efficient resolution, minimizing downtime and potential disruptions to business operations. This rapid response is crucial for maintaining a smooth workflow. 

Proactive monitoring 

Support services often involve proactive monitoring of the Dynamics 365 environment. This helps identify potential issues before they escalate, allowing for preventive measures and reducing the likelihood of critical problems. 

Adaptability to change 

Dynamics 365 support services ensure that your platform can adapt to changes in technology, business processes, and market dynamics. This adaptability is essential for staying competitive and responsive to evolving business requirements. 

Outsourcing Dynamics 365 Support from a trusted Microsoft partner 

Not all organizations managing an ERP or CRM can allocate resources for an in-house support team to maintain their systems efficiently. In-house support not only comes with substantial costs but also poses challenges in establishing a competent center. Ongoing training, staying ahead of trends, and proficiency in resolving emerging issues are some of these challenges. 

Outsourcing to a trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support Partner is recommended for ensuring optimal performance in your D365 environment while allowing you to concentrate on your core business operations. 

Get Dynamics 365 Support from Confiz  

At Confiz, we understand that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support is not a one-size-fits-all service. That’s why we surpass conventional break/fix support, offering a diverse catalog of services tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to provide you with the precise level of support, guidance, and training essential for your success, avoiding unnecessary services that won’t benefit you. 

Our proactive approach extends beyond mere issue resolution. We are dedicated to identifying opportunities to enhance your Dynamics 365 solution, going the extra mile to ensure your system operates at its best. Unlike partners who only reach out when problems arise, we actively engage with you, offering continuous support, advice, and training to empower users to maximize the potential of their Dynamics solution. 

Our team of managed services consultants are experts in their respective fields, equipped to offer timely and valuable advice across Microsoft Business Solutions, including Dynamics 365, and the Microsoft Power Platform

At Confiz, our mission is to establish enduring relationships and assist businesses in extracting the maximum value from their solutions, extending our support long after the initial implementation. Reach out to us at marketing@confiz.com for tailored and proactive Microsoft Dynamics 365 Optimization and Support Services. Let’s optimize your solution together for sustained success.