Sales tax automation webinar hosted by Confiz and Vertex


Thursday, 3rd March 2022 – Confiz in collaboration with Vertex hosted a live webinar on ‘How ‘Tax Automation in D365 can be a Competitive Advantage for Multi-Location Retail’. The webinar was focused on helping retailers explore time and cost-saving approaches to managing sales tax, while maximizing ROI. The panel included Robert Syversen, Director Industry Solutions, […]

What is Power Automate? Everything you need to know


Power Automate is Microsoft’s cloud-based workflow engine. The platform can swiftly automate any task or process. Businesses can use it to automate recurring tasks to save time. It comes with a wide range of connectors that businesses can use to automate their current processes particularly if they are based on MS Office 365.   Microsoft Flow […]

How to access Power Platform admin center?


Business and IT administrators use Power Platform admin center to manage their security roles, application users, the status of their solutions and applications, updates, and even solutions integrated with Dynamics 365.   In this article, we will be discussing ways one can access the Power Platform admin center. As laid out by Microsoft, there are two […]

How to power automate Microsoft Forms for sending invitations


Businesses can automate Microsoft Forms using Microsoft Power Automate by creating a flow that automatically performs one or more tasks when triggered by an action or an event.   In this post, you will look at how one can automate sending invitations to people planning to attend an event online along with people planning to […]

What is Microsoft Power Platform center of excellence?


Microsoft Power Platform features a collection of business tools that offer organizations the ability to make changes in their daily processes through easy applications and process automation that anyone can develop without having any coding knowledge. Companies can develop low-code/no-code business solutions such as building virtual agents, managing data visualization, and automating business processes. All […]

What is the difference between Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Flow? 


Microsoft Flow and Power Automate are two distinct products from Microsoft, yet much of the information online about these two is almost the same. The truth is these are the same products and Microsoft has just updated Flow by adding some new features and rebranded it as Microsoft Power Automate.   Here is a list […]

Why do retailers need people counters in their stores?


Modern businesses are using people counters to understand the daily traffic patterns in their retail stores. It helps them understand the peak business hours and generate comprehensive reports related to overall conversion rates.   While retail outlets use people counters to gauge performance through crucial KPIs such as the number of customers being dealt by […]

Top benefits of Microsoft Power Apps every business should know about


As technology rapidly evolves, we see an increasing number of organizations automating business processes and opting for cloud-based software solutions. However, to achieve this goal, businesses must rely heavily on their IT teams to build customized software and develop apps according to the unique needs of different teams under different departments. The enormous demand this […]

Power Platform Case Studies for Finance | Top Microsoft Power Platform Use Cases


According to Microsoft, five million active developers and 500+ enterprises (including 97% of Fortune 500 companies) are harnessing the potential of Power Platform. Organizations looking to leverage data to drive success must digitize their processes and automate recurring tasks. The most viable way to collect data, develop facilitating applications and drive accountability across all departments […]