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The power duo: Technology-driven strategies for maximizing customer experience KPIs


Customer experience (CX) is no longer a minor player in the grand theater of commerce – it’s the star that takes center stage. In fact, 96% of buyers firmly believe that customer experience is the ultimate litmus test for brand loyalty. This sentiment is echoed by businesses themselves, with 89% competing primarily based on the […]

6 actionable ways to improve customer service in retail

Customer engagement

It is no secret that retail touchpoint experiences affect average basket value and customer satisfaction. Statistics show that 89% of customers are more inclined toward making a new purchase after a positive customer service experience.   Additionally, through excellent customer service, companies can nurture brand loyalty, boost efficiency and attract talent. If you look at […]

Improve customer satisfaction with Dynamics 365 omnichannel for customer service


Did you know more than two-thirds of all purchases are being made with some digital device? Consumers browse products through their smartphones and buy in-store, from a desktop, or their smartwatch. They want to shop from their preferred channel as and when they like. Harvard Business Review conducted research and observed the shopping behaviors of […]