6 actionable ways to improve customer service in retail

Customer engagement

It is no secret that retail touchpoint experiences affect average basket value and customer satisfaction. Statistics show that 89% of customers are more inclined toward making a new purchase after a positive customer service experience.   Additionally, through excellent customer service, companies can nurture brand loyalty, boost efficiency and attract talent. If you look at […]

Data insights for effective outbound sales prospecting


A study conducted by HubSpot highlighted that businesses were wasting 50% of sales time on sales prospecting. One of the reasons behind this is the marketing data that is generated from inbound marketing forms and stored in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems is not suitable for outbound sales prospecting. Sales teams need to fill in the […]

Ways to turn prospects into customers using Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing


Thanks to social media channels, businesses today have access to customer data like never before. The intelligent retail management solutions are also gathering customer data from physical and online retail stores. All this data is used to create personalized and immersive online experiences for each customer. To beat the competition, successful businesses are specializing in offering continuous […]

How to create a great customer experience strategy – Proven transformation tips


Since 2020, retail businesses have been facing fierce competition in the industry. The sudden evolution of customer expectations has added further fuel to the fire. Retailers know that their customers already have plenty of choices online to spend their time and money. If they fail to give their customers compelling reasons to shop at their […]

Retail Management System (RMS) Guide – How to stay ahead of the competition in 2023


Let’s cut to the chase. We all know that the last two years have been a roller-coaster ride for retail businesses around the world. With their buyers spending months in quarantines, and the market experiencing a phased recovery in 2020 and 2021, physical retail stores have learned to recognize major changes in standard operating procedures […]

Why do retailers need people counters in their stores?


Modern businesses are using people counters to understand the daily traffic patterns in their retail stores. It helps them understand the peak business hours and generate comprehensive reports related to overall conversion rates.   While retail outlets use people counters to gauge performance through crucial KPIs such as the number of customers being dealt by […]