D365 Supply Chain Management gets smarter: A closer look at Copilot and Demand Planning Capabilities

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Today’s supply chains are more global and interconnected than ever before, yet they also face heightened risks of disruption. Supply chain leaders are constantly challenged to enhance productivity, bolster resilience, and foster innovation amidst rising costs and labor pressures. According to Forbes, supply chain digitalization and transparency are among the top concerns of business leaders […]

From insight to action: A savvy leader’s guide to building an intelligent supply chain

intelligent supply chain

The increasing complexity of supply chains and challenges in global distribution have compelled companies to modernize their supply chain management for effective demand forecasting and planning. Traditionally, supply chains were designed with the assumption that materials are readily available, enabling sourcing, production, and distribution at the lowest-cost locations worldwide. However, the landscape has evolved. In […]