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Empowering Organizations: Building a Data-Driven Culture with Data Democratization

For an organization to successfully implement a data democratization strategy to make informed decisions, it must have a data-driven mindset or culture. That’s why businesses that make most of the decisions based on their data are 58% more likely to beat their revenue targets than those who don’t, as reported by Forrester Consulting. Another report […]

Empowering your data journey: The role of staff augmentation in data and AI 

Over the years, companies leveraging data and AI services are consistently outperforming their competitors in terms of financial returns. It goes without saying leaders who invest significantly in these technologies and embrace advanced practices can scale their operations. With this rapid adoption, organizations are increasingly prioritizing data and AI hiring and upskilling initiatives. However, hiring […]

How to leverage Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to build a modern data estate 

Businesses often face challenges associated with fragmented or dismantled data. This can include issues such as data silos, where information is scattered across different systems or departments, making it cumbersome to access and analyze effectively. Additionally, outdated or incompatible systems may hinder the integration and sharing of data, leading to inefficiencies and errors in decision-making […]

Driving sales productivity with next-gen AI: A closer look at Microsoft Copilot for Sales

With Artificial Intelligence disrupting every other field, the sales industry is another one to be touched by its impact. A report by HubSpot says that 78% of sales professionals believe AI can significantly enhance efficiency. Further reinforcing this notion, research by Gartner suggests that to drive positive sales outcomes, sellers should leverage AI-powered technologies like […]

Revolutionizing Business Intelligence with advanced data engineering  

Over the years, business intelligence (BI) solutions have played a pivotal role in assisting businesses in identifying and interpreting patterns, trends, anomalies, and relationships within their in-house data, as well as in collaboration with external data sources. Employees have been generating individual reports, running queries, sharing insights, and collaborating more effectively than ever before. This […]

Empowering contact centers through Gen AI: A closer look at Copilot for Service  

Most organizations struggle with siloed data. Their knowledge is distributed across disparate data, and we are not just talking about organizational data but customer data as well. From customer records to case histories, this data is stored on more than one or multiple systems. Additionally, the information is scattered across knowledge base articles, offline documents, […]

Choosing your data journey: Data Fabric vs. Data Mesh

Data management is a challenge for organizations worldwide as they grapple with growing volume, variety and complexity of data. While businesses emphasize autonomy and productivity, they are still stuck with siloed data and monolithic architecture that leaves them drowning in a data lake and struggling to extract valuable insights. A survey showed that approximately 50-70% […]

Driving retail agility: Microsoft Dynamics 365’s AI capabilities in action

In the present retail landscape, AI is no longer limited to sending email promotions or displaying online ads. Retailers are harnessing AI to track customer behavior both online and in-store, enabling smarter decisions in pricing, merchandising, inventory management, store layouts, and beyond. According to McKinsey, companies leveraging AI-driven data analytics are experiencing significant benefits, with […]

Leveraging Databricks and Microsoft Fabric for next-gen data solutions 

Data management techniques

For years, Databricks has enabled organizations to work with all types of data, structure and unstructured, within a unified, user-friendly environment. Databricks has empowered enterprises to streamline their data workflows, accelerate insights generation, and drive innovation. In fact, over 7,000 organizations, regardless of their sizes, have been using Databricks for data engineering, advanced analytics, and […]

How AI is transforming data analytics in retail

There’s no denying that in the retail sphere, any retailer’s most important assets are its data and people. The sheer volume of data available to retailers serves as both a blessing and a challenge, demanding innovative approaches to extract meaningful insights. Recognizing this prevailing concern, a significant transformation is unfolding as companies transition from traditional […]