Bin Shihon Group

ZATCA integration and the strategic move to Store Commerce

Project Overview

Charting the course for operational brilliance: Bin Shihon and Confiz in synergy

Bin Shihon Group strategically partnered with Confiz to streamline ZATCA integrations and ensure tax compliance within their tire business division. This collaborative effort digitized their e-invoicing processes, ensuring adherence to ZATCA tax regulations and improving cash flow efficiency. Furthermore, the client transformed their Point-of-Sale operations by seamlessly transitioning from MPOS to Store Commerce. This transition brought about benefits such as expedited checkouts, meticulous inventory control, unified functionality, and seamless scalability.

The need

Strategic alignment: Regulatory compliance and retail tech advancements

Bin Shihon Group, a prominent entity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia boasting 51 leading brands across the B2B and B2C domains, proactively sought a reliable partner to ensure seamless ZATCA integrations within its tire business division. The primary objective was to guarantee streamlined adherence to government regulations. In line with E-Invoicing Phase II, governed by ZATCA, businesses are obligated to integrate their systems with FATOORA, ZATCA’s e-invoicing portal, facilitating the transmission of e-invoices and e-notes to the regulatory authority. This strategic move aligns with ZATCA’s commitment to enforcing electronic invoicing, record-keeping, and taxation standards.

In addition to addressing compliance concerns, Bin Shihon’s team encountered the challenge of manually synchronizing invoices for their B2B customers, retail customers, and government contractors—a time-consuming step in their operations. Moreover, with the recent deprecation of MPOS and other hybrid retail apps, a critical need arose to transition to Store Commerce, the next-gen platform revolutionizing retail operations. Acknowledging the imperative for a more efficient retail process, Bin Shihon Group actively sought a strategic solution to streamline compliance procedures and enhance overall operational agility.

The Solution

Empowering Bin Shihon's strategic move to ZATCA and Store Commerce

Building upon our established market reputation in the Middle East, Bin Shihon Group entrusted Confiz with the task of executing ZATCA integrations to ensure seamless alignment with government regulatory standards. The project scope also encompassed a swift upgrade from MPOS to Store Commerce.

As a preliminary step, our technical consultants implemented a series of enhancements to optimize processes before initiating ZATCA integrations. Notably, customer sales invoices were seamlessly integrated in real-time at the point of invoice posting. This strategic move eliminated the need for manual synchronization, providing Bin Shihon with an efficient and error-free invoicing workflow.

Our dedicated team enabled ZATCA integration for Bin Shihon’s international customers’ and Government contractors’ invoices. Additionally, Confiz developed supporting processes for the integrations tailored to the client’s specific processes, including project invoice integration, all while taking stringent security measures.

Beyond integration management, we implemented a robust mechanism for validating customer master data to ensure accuracy and completion. This meticulous approach streamlined operations and fortified Bin Shihon’s data integrity, contributing to overall enhanced data management.

Additionally, Confiz facilitated a seamless migration for Bin Shihon from MPOS to Store Commerce, marking a significant modernization of their retail operations. Our team crafted a tailored migration strategy for the client based on our extensive expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce and Store Commerce. This approach ensured minimal disruption to their retail operations and set the stage for operational excellence.

What we did

ZATCA integrationMPOS to Store CommerceAuto Invoice SyncingCustomer Data Validation

The Outcome

Tax compliance, e-invoice automation, and faster check outs

ZATCA compliance assurance

Ensured seamless integration of e-invoicing software with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations for ZATCA compliance, contributing to seamless and error-free financial operations.

Automated invoice generation

Streamlined day-to-day operations through the automation of invoice generation processes.

Speedy checkouts

Transformed customer experiences with faster transactions, allowing hassle-free shopping.

Data accuracy and integrity

Validated customer master data systematically to ensure accuracy and eliminate data redundancy.

Precise inventory control

Gain real-time insights for impeccable stock management, ensuring optimized inventory levels.

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