Barcode Scanning Add-on for D365

Barcode Scanning Add-on for D365

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Elevate documentation, data collection, and inventory validation processes with Barcode Scanning Add-on


Is your sourcing and procurement process complex when inputting data, managing barcodes, and specifying product details for purchase, sales, and transfer orders? Are your warehouse operations challenged by validating and counting inventory?

Confiz offers a solution: our Barcode Scanning Add-on seamlessly integrates barcode functionality into sales, purchase, and transfer order processes, as well as physical inventory journals within Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. This technology simplifies manual data entry and enhances inventory management, benefiting diverse industries such as wholesale and distribution, retail, and consumer goods. Integrating this inventory barcode scanner feature into your existing D365 ERP can reduce errors, automate data input, and improve documentation, data collection, inventory identification, and validation processes.

In our comprehensive E-book, you will discover:

  1. Overview of the Barcode Scanning Add-on
  2. Key capabilities and features
  3. Rapid integration processes
  4. Confiz’s expertise in D365 deployments and integrations


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