How to select the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner? [Ultimate guide]


CRM implementations can prove to be quite daunting if you do not have the right implementation partner to manage migration and other related tasks for you. There are many things that can go wrong if you are unaware of the best practices to follow. We know the huge investments that go behind implementing CRM solutions […]

What is Power Automate? Everything you need to know


Power Automate is Microsoft’s cloud-based workflow engine. The platform can swiftly automate any task or process. Businesses can use it to automate recurring tasks to save time. It comes with a wide range of connectors that businesses can use to automate their current processes particularly if they are based on MS Office 365.   Microsoft Flow […]

How to increase your sales retail data analytics


Let’s face it, data is the key to achieving success in the retail industry today. You can’t rely on guesswork anymore. The retail landscape is getting competitive and if you are not relying on hard data or retail analytics, you are not making those smart decisions that will improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and improve […]