Inside Microsoft Fabric: The role of Power BI in generating BI insights

Power BI in Microsoft Fabric

Turning data into reports, insights, and interactive visualizations for data analysis is no longer a complex process. With Power BI, this process has become not only efficient but also dynamic and insightful. With its intuitive interface and remarkable capabilities, especially when integrated with Microsoft Fabric, Power BI empowers technical and non-technical users to explore data, […]

What are Microsoft Fabric capacities? A starting guide for businesses 

Microsoft has recently introduced Microsoft Fabric, a novel data storage and management solution. This platform incorporates various functionalities such as a data lake, diverse computing configurations, sophisticated data governance, and an extensive application surface.  Microsoft Fabric Capacity stands out as a key element within the comprehensive suite of Fabric components. This article delves into the […]

Understanding the Power BI ecosystem – What is Power BI used for & how can It benefit your business


In today’s data-driven world, making informed decisions requires a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of your business. However, the sheer volume and complexity of unstructured data can pose challenges in effectively utilizing it. This is where the significance of business intelligence tools becomes evident. Business intelligence platforms empower non-technical users, such as business professionals, to […]

Microsoft Power Platform – All you Need to Know


The increased utilization of data and the sudden shifts in the global economy have cornered businesses into a spot where they must meet customer expectations swiftly or lose them to the competition. For this, businesses working on traditional models need to innovate, but they are often reined by IT resources or budget constraints. Microsoft Power […]