The power duo: Technology-driven strategies for maximizing customer experience KPIs


Customer experience (CX) is no longer a minor player in the grand theater of commerce – it’s the star that takes center stage. In fact, 96% of buyers firmly believe that customer experience is the ultimate litmus test for brand loyalty. This sentiment is echoed by businesses themselves, with 89% competing primarily based on the […]

How to create a customer-driven marketing strategy that works

customer-driven-marketing strategy

Marketing used to be a lot less complicated. Today, the way users interact with brands is evolving remarkably with continual changes in technology and the proliferation of channels. Consumers are no longer following a linear path when it comes to shopping. Switching between multiple devices and channels is the new trend. Once upon a time, […]

Multi-channel marketing: What it is and why it matters


We all know multi-channel marketing is important, but what is the reason for it? The answer is simple, so you can be where your customers are. And they are everywhere. After acknowledging that your customers exist, the next important step is understanding how they think and process things. Gone are the days when customers could […]