How to increase sales in your grocery retail store?


The global grocery retail market is changing fast. The trends that emerged during the pandemic have significantly reshaped the retail industry. One notable trend is the significant increase in e-commerce grocery sales. In 2019, e-commerce accounted for less than 4% of total grocery sales in the US market. However, projections indicate that by 2030, this figure […]

The ultimate guide to building a fully automated supermarket (part 2)

Automated Super Market

Retail hasn’t been the same in recent years. The rise of eCommerce behemoths like Amazon is forcing grocery retailers to adopt agile and competitive business models. Businesses, hence, have no choice but to embrace automation.     As a result, many supermarkets and grocery stores are now implementing automated systems to streamline their operations and […]

How to improve your accounts receivable process through automation


Automating accounts receivable processes would allow your teams to effectively cut down the time spent on, and the costs associated with registering customers through lengthy email correspondence, distributing invoices manually, answering customer inquiries, and sending and tracking invoices. The time saved by the teams can then be used to concentrate on strategic goals and other […]