Creating sustainable  COMMUNITIES

Empower. Enable. Educate

Creating shared economic and social value

We empower


Confiz's ethical framework is built on the foundation of creating shared economic and social value specially within the communities we operate in.

We empower


As an organization, we enable our people to practice empathy and be change advocates that take bold steps, specially in times of need.

We empower


We support and mobilize institutions and organizations working towards a shared goal, to bring a positive impact in society or effectively address challenges at hand.

Extending commitment in five focal areas

A dedicated CSR committee at Confiz works towards identifying and scaling up interventions that are prioritized for maximum societal impact.

With CSR at the heart of our culture, we continue to have a vision, purpose, and a strategy to address different social, financial, development, cultural issues through community development, thought-leadership, enablement, empowerment, and stakeholder engagement.

As an organization, we have committed to spending a fixed percentage of our revenue on Creating Sustainable Communities as a policy.

  • Healthcare

  • Environment

  • Education

  • Disaster relief

  • Basic life necessities

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege

Confiz is fighting for equitable, high-quality medicare by supporting various trust hospitals

Living the promise to end exclusion to education

Strengthening the basic building block of every society

Higher education

Supporting deserving students

Confiz extends scholarships to students in various institutions like FAST, LUMS, NAMAL, Airschool, and BZU.

Primary and secondary education

Helping Roshan Basti school

Confiz sponsors The Citizen Foundation’s Roshan Basti Campus to educate more than 200+children at primary level

Basic life necessities for all - from surviving to thriving

Embracing ethical responsibility to achieve fair treatment for all

single system global reach

Clothing bank drive conducted on-campus where each member of Confiz family contributed in kind

unified commerce

Supporting various initiatives from food, clothing to community rehabilitation in disaster recovery sites

agile supply chain

Donation of 100+ H2O wheels to support the underserved households in Umerkot

Take a glimpse into our community uplift journey

Healthcare for all

Supporting medicare for children in various hospitals

Ramadan rashan distribution activity in collaboration with Akhuwat

Supporting construction of Children's hospital

Making water supply easier

Confiz, Tayyaba and Sami foundation distributing H2O wheels in Sindh, Pakistan

OSAF and Confiz join hands to support the deserving students

Distributing food, clothes, footwear to less priviledged communities