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C-Analytics, powered by Microsoft Power BI to foster a data-driven culture at Ruba Digital.

Single version of the truth

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actionable data into one insightful experience

The need
Retrieving actionable data and turning it into one insightful, visually engaging experience

With business analysts spending hours every day to compile and process data for each report, Ruba Digital (RD) needed a well-established data-modeling layer and clear standard explanations for each KPI and metric that mattered. To address immediate operational needs, Confiz implemented C-Analytics.

guaranteed data visibility

The solution
Seamless scaling and guaranteed data visibility

The solution offered RD an all-in-one reporting dashboard with the capability to auto fetch data from each individual system and present it in the form of interactive reports. This centralization of data enabled the team to share and analyze data anytime and anywhere, make informed decisions, and react to demand adjustments. Data inconsistencies were further reduced through visual reports, customized dashboards, and curated datasets.

The inbuilt data and security architecture provided a secure platform for user-generated analytics to be stored and shared. Security checks were established to ensure users only see data relevant to them.

The outcome
Enhanced focus and productivity

focus and productivity
bani yas coop
"With C-Analytics, we are getting to the point where we can anticipate the demand flow and stay ahead of disruption that causes stress for our employees and customers. Thanks to C-Analytics, our sales forecast has improved by 23% within a few months."
Boubakar Rahmani
Waseem Ahmed
Head of ITMIS