Khaadi goes digital in-store

Embracing footfall and in-store analytics to enhance conversion and store optimization.

Enhanced visibility and actionable insights

My footfall and in-store analytics portal

visibility and insights

The Need
Identifying lost opportunity

As part of their digital transformation journey, Khaadi needed a secure solution to get real-time store insights and discover lost opportunities to convert. Resultantly, Confiz implemented Shopper Value to enhance store efficiency and save costs.

real potential

The Solution
Tapping into the real potential

The solution was implemented in 40+ Khaadi stores to establish a baseline for growth. Conversion was tracked and store-wise and period-wise comparisons were made to evaluate store performance. Based on trends, clearly defined measurable goals were set for staff performance.

Data health status was monitored to ensure real-time data availability for a quicker identification of problems. Higher visibility improved focus on conversion-enhancing, objective decision making.

The outcome
Enhanced focus and productivity

focus and productivity
"Confiz's ability to listen to customer feedback and  continuously add value in the product is really amazing. We treasure this partnership with Confiz and intend to add continuous value especially to Khaadi and generally to retail industry in Pakistan in coming days."
Rehan Qadri
Rehan Qadri
Head of Information Technology