Data-driven marketing optimization

Effectiveness of retail marketing campaigns gauged through advanced traffic insights and robust footfall analytics.

Strategic marketing and enhanced ROI

My footfall and in-store analytics portal

strategic marketing and enhanced roi
in-store customer insights

The need
In-store customer insights

To see the impact of the marketing campaigns, Hush Puppies needed a mechanism to connect marketing campaigns’ ROI with in-store traffic. Real-time footfall analytics were required to calculate conversion rates, revenue per customer, and other retail KPIs important to understand customer segmentation and targeting strategies, as well as to access the efficacy of campaigns.

data driven evaluation

The solution
Data-driven evaluation of marketing campaigns

Shopper Value captured real-time footfall data to monitor and compare the increase in traffic as a result of marketing campaigns. Data health status ensured that there was minimal loss of data to enhance data validity. Conversion was tracked to ensure optimal service level in the stores. Store-wise comparisons and analysis of trends over time were conducted to evaluate and optimize marketing strategies.

The outcome
Improved customer insights and targeting

improved customer insights