Confiz PEC conducts a user story workshop for agile leaders

Confiz, a prominent name in the Pakistani tech industry, organized a hands-on user story workshop for its employees on Saturday, 30th July. The workshop was an initiative by the Project Excellence Community (PEC), one of the leading societies working to promote an inclusive organizational culture within Confiz.  

Usman Rafique Zuberi, an accomplished agile practitioner with 16+ years of experience, took charge of running the workshop. Mr. Zuberi is a prominent member of the Confiz community who is known for his public speaking skills, backed by his extensive experience with major clients such as SAP, Microsoft, Barnes and Noble, and more.  

The event was attended by other top professionals, including:  

  • Ahsan Saleem – Senior Vice President
  • Shumaila Khan – Principal Process Lead
  • Mahnoor Imtiaz – Training Coordinator

This workshop was designed to bring the best minds together and deliver a thorough understanding of the “what, why, and how” of a user story.  

While addressing his diverse audience of project managers and engineers, Mr. Zuberi said, “In this workshop, you need to unlearn everything you know and then relearn, so you can adopt the newest methods to write the most effective user stories.”  

He kickstarted the event by having an interactive question and answer session where audience members introduced themselves and shared their understanding of the topic. Then, the audience members were divided into teams and were required to brainstorm ideas, analyze problems and come up with solutions in a collaborative effort. They used colorful paraphernalia like sticky notes and chart papers to make the activities more fun and engaging.  

Moreover, team members participated in open discussions to identify their chosen user roles, stories, and acceptance criteria. Stories were discarded, rewritten, and divided into smaller stories through these discussions. As a result, the workshop was a valuable exercise in team building for the employees as it allowed them to ask questions and learn together.

“Confiz looks forward to organizing more of these workshops and offering a platform for brilliant minds where they can come up with powerful solutions to complex problems,” said Mahnoor Imtiaz, Training Coordinator at Confiz.

In the future, Confiz plans to continue to invest in the training and development of its employees to boost productivity and cultivate a culture of continuous learning.