Confiz paves the path to a sustainable future for Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society

Confiz has demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility by donating PKR 2.5 million to the Rising Sun Education and Welfare Society. The funds have facilitated the hybrid solar system at the Gosha-e-Aafiyat campus, bolstering the institute’s capacity to provide stable and affordable electricity to its premises.

Mrs. Perveen Tawwab, the revered Founder and President of Rising Sun Education and Welfare Society, expressed profound gratitude for Confiz’s altruism, emphasizing this contribution’s transformative impact on the institute’s crucial services. “This generous donation from Confiz will significantly enhance our ability to provide essential services to our students and residents,” remarked Mrs. Tawwab.

Confiz delegates—comprising Fasiha Zaheer, Senior Marketing Executive; Amna Arooj, Account Executive; and Bilal Ghafeer, Video Producer- recently visited the Gosha-e-Aafiyat campus to meet with Mrs. Tawwab and gain deeper insights into the institute’s commendable work. Witnessing the staff’s dedication and the institute’s positive influence on its students and residents left an indelible impression on the visiting team.

Fasiha Zaheer, Senior Marketing Executive at Confiz, expressed Confiz’s pride in supporting Rising Sun Institute and Welfare Society’s mission to provide education and vocational training to individuals with special needs in Pakistan. “We firmly believe every child deserves the opportunity to realize their full potential. Confiz remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering organizations like Rising Sun to make this belief a reality,” stated Zaheer.

Gosha-e-Aafiyat, comprising a sheltered home and sheltered workshop, stands as a beacon of support for individuals with special needs in Pakistan. The sheltered home provides a secure and nurturing living environment for special needs adults lacking family support, while the sheltered workshop offers vocational training and employment opportunities. Implementing the new hybrid solar system aligns with Rising Sun’s objectives, addressing the exorbitant electricity costs that previously burdened the institute. Furthermore, it ensures a dependable and sustainable electricity source, vital for the well-being of the students and residents.

“This transformative donation marks a pivotal moment for us,” Mrs. Tawwab said, expressing her excitement about the imminent installation of the solar system. “It signifies a game-changer for our institution, enabling us to provide essential services to our students and residents consistently.”

Confiz remains steadfast in its dedication to community welfare, underscoring its commitment to catalyzing positive change in people’s lives. The company’s contribution to the Rising Sun Institute and Welfare Society exemplifies its ethos of social responsibility and proactive community engagement.