Confiz Organizes a Transformative Leadership Workshop to Cultivate Agile Leadership

Confiz is proud to have hosted its Transformative Leadership Workshop at Lahore’s Avari Xpress on August 30th and 31st. The event was the first in a series organized by Confiz’s Learning and Development team in partnership with Funverks, an international management consulting and training organization.  

Leading the workshop was Noman Nasrullah, a certified design thinking facilitator and an expert in organizational strategy and development with more than 17 years of professional experience in Pakistan and the UAE. He also serves as a consultant at Funverks Global, playing a pivotal role in driving Funverks’ initiatives in the Middle East.  

The workshop explored various themes like situational leadership approaches, the power of partnership, leading change, and trust-building strategies. Participants, including senior leaders from Confiz’s Microsoft Dynamics Practice, actively engaged in various interactive sessions to foster personal and professional development.  

Moreover, activities like Lego Serious Play, tower-building exercises, and case study discussions were organized to promote creative thinking, teamwork, and practical leadership insights.

The workshop’s agenda aligned seamlessly with Confiz’s mission to foster a sustained learning environment. It aimed to help leaders develop a deeper understanding of modern leadership methods and empowered them to inspire and lead their teams more effectively, boosting motivation, partnership, collaboration, and performance.  

“At Confiz, we believe in continuous learning, which led us to collaborate with Funverks for an impactful transformative leadership workshop,” said Zarnab Nadeem, Learning and Development Specialist at Confiz. “We’re delighted that our leaders had the opportunity to explore situational leadership approaches, fostering partnerships and leading effective change, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are dedicated to facilitating more learning experiences like this for everyone.”  

Since people development is at the core of People strategy at Confiz, by using a blended learning approach in this workshop, we aimed to adopt modern agile learning practices to prepare leaders for tomorrow’s world.

Speaking on his experience with the workshop, Ahsan Fayyaz, Vice President of Professional Services at Confiz, said:  

“The Transformational Leadership Workshop was an outstanding initiative spearheaded by Confiz. What set this workshop apart was its departure from the typical monotony of theoretical sessions; instead, it was an engaging blend of dynamic activities. Throughout the workshop, we enjoyed numerous breakout sessions and engaging exercises that fostered camaraderie and expanded our horizons on Transformational Leadership. It’s safe to say that this experience has left our team feeling energized and equipped to propel ourselves forward.”  

The workshop mirrored Confiz’s dedication to empowering its employees and clients in an ever-evolving landscape. Moving forward, we are committed to extending this training initiative to additional departments, fostering a culture of continuous skill enhancement throughout our organization.