Confiz celebrates SSC’s retail success with the implementation of Dynamics 365 F&O

Confiz successfully celebrated the implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations for Service Sales Cooperation (SSC).

In a successful celebration held on December 20 at Ramada Hotel Lahore, Confiz solidified its reputation as a trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner within Pakistan’s retail industry with the grand project closing ceremony. Service Sales Cooperation (SSC), boasting a widespread presence of 400 stores and a robust network of 1,000 wholesale distributors across Pakistan, partnered with Confiz to seek our expertise to migrate their legacy ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O.

This implementation marked a significant step towards real-time inventory visibility across all 400 stores and establishing a unified truth source to guide data-driven decision-making. The ceremony was organized to celebrate the successful implementation of the project.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from Hashim Ali, Confiz’s Chief Operating Officer. Then, SSC’s Chief Strategy Officer, Ahmad Hussain, took center stage and delivered an inspirational speech highlighting the milestones achieved throughout the project’s journey.

This project closing ceremony wasn’t only a platform for celebration and networking and sharing insights about the success achieved through the collaboration between Confiz and SSC to implement Dynamics 365 F&O to transform their retail operations. At the event, both teams came together, exchanged gratitude, and acknowledged the contributions that propelled the project to success.

During the event, the representatives from SSC applauded Confiz, particularly for their meticulous project planning, smooth execution, and unwavering support throughout the project. Also, acknowledgments were extended to key project contributors, praising their exceptional dedication and expertise in ensuring the success of a complex on-premises deployment of D365 F&O.

The successful deployment has yielded tangible results, including enhanced demand planning, financial control, streamlined supply chain operations, and seamless integration of retail channels. Confiz’s expertise played a pivotal role in successfully deploying the new system across 240+ stores while collaborating on transitioning from Microsoft Point of Sale (MPOS) to the Store Commerce Solution to enhance and refine the client’s retail operations.

“Confiz’s expertise in retail, meticulous planning, and customer-centric approach was instrumental in revolutionizing our digital landscape,” said, Ahmad Shahid Hussain, Chief Strategy Officer at SSC. “Their deployment perfectly aligns with our vision for scalability and growth, and we eagerly anticipate future advancements with Confiz as our valued partner.”

In response, Hashim Ali, the Chief Operating Officer of Confiz, expressed his gratitude for SSC’s 15-year trust. Over this period, Confiz has been instrumental in digitizing various business areas for SSC, including store operations, merchandising, supply chain, finance, and human resources. He continued showing his excitement about collaboration and further utilizing the Microsoft Cloud platform to enhance SSC’s market leadership in the AI era.

We proudly declare our commitment to leading digital transformation, driving innovation, and guiding companies toward an elevated digital future. Our recent collaboration with Service Sales Corporation (SSC) showcases our expertise in steering businesses through transformative journeys.