Confiz celebrates nation’s 75th Independence Day

On 14th August 2022, Confiz celebrated Pakistan’s 75th Independence day, enabling all of its employees to come together as one for the occasion. Everyone was encouraged to wear green and white colors to show their support for the country while contributing to a creative environment. Confiz’s remote workforce was also engaged and virtually participated in the event through a video conference call.  

The event was jampacked with fun activities that allowed the employees to unwind and socialize. It began with the national anthem to pay tribute to the nation and enhance the sense of unity between colleagues.

Afterward, the employees gathered to have an exciting musical session showcasing patriotic Pakistani songs. Faizan Mahmood, a Functional Consultant at Confiz, showed his expertise on the acoustic guitar, and others came forward to join him, displaying their talents and adding to the lively atmosphere. This was accompanied by an exciting team-building session that consisted of interactive games, immersive chats, and collective singing.  

Since the event would have been incomplete without the flag hoisting ceremony, Asad Jamil, Senior Director of Finance at Confiz, was invited to raise the Pakistani flag and share his thoughts on the occasion.  

He addressed the employees by saying, “Today, we are all gathered to celebrate our country’s 75th Independence Day. I hope every one of you will strive to be your best selves, work together as a unit and continue to make the nation proud.”  

To further amplify the Independence Day spirit, a community drum circle was arranged by professionals from “Drum Jam Lahore,” who took the lead in conducting the circle. Drum circles were brought in for all participants, and the activity lasted for about an hour. It served as an excellent way for employees to reduce stress, flatten the hierarchy, and unite as a team to celebrate the nation’s freedom.

After this, all the employees rounded together and participated in a cake cutting ceremony to commemorate the independence celebrations. Finally, the event was concluded with a formal dinner that allowed everyone to mingle.

Confiz is proud to celebrate Pakistan’s 75 years of Independence and hopes to continue sharing this honor with the Confiz family for many more years.