Leadership Development Framework

A complete roadmap for Confiz engineers to fast-track their career growth through the right learning opportunities for personal and professional development.

About LDF

LDF is a comprehensive program for aspiring professionals at Confiz who wish to grow into leadership positions. It is a framework that covers critical competencies for Confiz engineers who through their journey are able to quickly move up the rungs of their career ladder. The overall LDF journey pathsare evaluated through utmost objectivity as all graduates pass through a certain set of technical and skill-based courses in their areas of interests,, hence proving their excellence in their chosen career field.

Having completed the courses, also known as ‘topics’, the graduates do not just demonstrate knowledge but also earn the opportunity to fast-track their promotions.

Pathways to leadership

Not all engineers choose the same career path to excellence.

Through different development tracks, we have got everyone covered.


On this track, software engineers become Software Architects as they specialize in their area of expertise such as .Net, Java, Mobile, Data Engineering and Data Sciences. Aspirants have the opportunity to work on specialized projects and engage with different teams throughout the organization to hone their technical skills.

Test Engineering

Test engineers becomes Software Test Architects by pursuing this track. Aspirants develop manual as well as automated testing skills with added focus on specialized forms of testing like performance, front-end, API, and security testing.


Aspiring engineers choose this track to become Project Managers (PMs), by developing their people, communication, and leadership skills. An added focus on empathy and agility allows prospective PMs to practice modern leadership skills in the workplace.

A comprehensive framework for aspiring leaders

Promotes Growth

LDF requires all aspirants to complete a set of challenging objectives including technical knowledge tests, and soft-skills enhancing courses and workshops to unlock their full potential and emerge as capable leaders who are ready to thrive even under pressure.

Exhibits Transparency

Beyond rigorous leadership trainings, LDF provides all aspirants to fast track their promotions. LDF is a pre-established path to promotion, independent of performance review cycles, that eliminates all possibilities of bias and prejudice.

Ensures Leverages

You are required to organize and deliver training as leaders, get experience through engaging in projects such as audits, testing, practice reviews and so on so that when you complete the framework you are not just the jack, but also the master of all trades.

Our LDF Vision

“LDF was designed to be a highly dynamic and scalable pathway to career growth put in place to match the rapidly evolving tech industry.

Our vision is to keep expanding our training modules per the advancing technological needs to build a robust platform to nurture top talent and develop skilful leaders.”

Mahnoor Imtiaz

Training and Development Executive

Qualify for funding

We understand that our engineers can find it difficult to cover the cost of the framework. Keeping this in mind, all course fees under LDF is covered by Confiz Learning and Development Fund. This means that the enrolled engineers can take the certifications without incurring any personal financial cost. However, this offer is conditional on successful completion of the courses.

Our LDF Vision

Explore more about the journey of some of our high-achieving graduates as they speak about their LDF experience and milestones achieved, and share some words of wisdom for the prospective graduates.

Be your best-self in a high growth, empowering culture.

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