Leveraging marketing automation for a personalized omnichannel retail experience

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It’s the reinvention of retail – the global pandemic has changed the entire dynamics of the retail industry – whether in-store or digital.  Consumers have embraced change, drastically altering their shopping and buying preferences, resulting in an end to the traditional buyer’s journey. With this change, retailers are expected to offer seamless customer experiences – wherever and however customers engage. Are you able to track customer interactions across all channels and offer personalization every step of the buying journey? Do you know what segment do they belong to (first-timers, repeat customers, etc.)? What are the challenges and distractions they face while interacting with your brand?

The modern consumer of today thrives on ease and convenience, expecting retailers to be excessively vigilant and deliver an impeccable experience to customers across all touchpoints. From acquiring new customers to upselling to existing customers, aligning sales and marketing activities, and taking complete control of customer journeys, retailers need to leverage omnichannel marketing automation to uplift their gross sales.

Join us as we take a deep dive into automating the user experience for multiple channels and learn the key focus areas that must be strategized.

In this webinar, subject matter experts from Confiz and ClickDimensions will go over:

  • Reinventing Retail: Traditional vs. evolved customer journey
  • What makes a successful digital marketing campaign?
  • Sales generators: Best practices for digital interaction
  • The benefits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for retailers
  • Driving customer experience with audience segmentation and automated marketing campaigns
  • Ideas on how to generate recurring revenue in a competitive marketplace

Meet the speakers

Mohammed Reza

Senior Manager Business Development,

Confiz UAE

Suneel Buggal

Customer Success Specialist,

ClickDimensions UK