Avoid a Finance Nightmare: Make AP Automation for Dynamics 365 Your Hero

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Accounts Payable is one of the highest stake tasks in finance but has problems and issues that are enough to give a senior specialist a headache.

Meet Dave. He’s the Senior Finance Manager at a mid-market, multi-location organization and spends most of his time putting out finance fires. Daily, at least half of his 10-member team struggles with missed payments, unused cash discounts, and misplaced or lost invoices, and these challenges continue to become a significant bottleneck to business success.

He dreams of an efficient procure-to-pay process. Dreams of a day where his associates will perform error-free tasks, meeting aggressive timelines and will still have enough productive hours to think strategy. A solution that helps optimize back-office operations, prepare for sales seasonality, enables digital invoices, manages recurring expenses and cash flow to improve visibility and transparency, allowing leadership to make informed decisions.

Enter Captain Finance. He comes from the future and brings technology that can not only tackle the existing challenges, but also support future growth for organizations.

Join us, as we unfold the story of many managers like Dave and how they leverage the superpower of AP Automation to bring sustainability and scalability to business.

In this webinar, our super-heroes cover:

  • The changing industry landscape and the need for an accounts payable automation solution
  • A holistic view of accounts payable in key industries like retail, manufacturing, construction and project services, etc.
  • A real-time demo showcasing how Dooap’s AP Automation and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance can successfully address key multi-location challenges
  • Deep dive into the benefits of a smooth Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and AP automation integration

We want you to become a champion of truth, justice and profitability in your organization.

Meet the speakers

Robert Syversen

Senior Director Business Development,

Confiz US

Peter Lutes

Director of Partnership,

Dooap US

Anna Tujunen

Chief Product Officer,

Dooap US