Mobile enterprise solutions provider, USA

Unifying communications, improving prospecting and sales with custom mobile app development  

Project Overview

Custom mobile app development to improve direct selling business

Confiz developed a trio of applications – MLM content-sharing, instant messaging, and event management for a leading mobile enterprise solutions provider in the USA to enhance and streamline their direct selling business operations. 

The need

Disintegrated information and inefficient operations

Our client, a prominent player in the mobile enterprise solutions industry in the USA, faced a significant challenge in their direct selling business operations. They were grappling with disintegrated information, inefficient communication processes, and the cumbersome distribution of training materials in the form of physical CDs. Their annual events, attended by thousands of participants, also lacked a centralized platform for seamless coordination and communication. 

The Solution

Revolutionizing direct selling operations with innovative mobile apps

The software developers and engineers from Confiz substantially enhanced the client’s direct selling business by developing three distinct mobile applications. 

The first application, an MLM content-sharing app, empowered leaders in the direct selling business by enabling them to share multimedia content with potential prospects efficiently. This app featured unique functionalities, including ranking prospects based on conversion likelihood and offering personalized content recommendations. 

The second application was an instant messaging app that significantly improved network communication. Users could create groups, engage in one-on-one chats, participate in live streaming sessions, conduct conference calls, and share critical messages in real-time. 

The third app, an event management app, streamlined annual gatherings by providing comprehensive event information such as schedules, speaker details, announcements, and networking opportunities. 

These innovative mobile apps were built on powerful technologies like Objective C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, React JS, iOS, Android, Firebase, and AWS (S3, SNS). As a result, they enhanced operational efficiency and streamlined various processes, ultimately driving success in the client’s direct selling business. 

What we did

Mobile app developmentiOSAndroidObjective CReact JS

The Outcome

Operational transformation, enhanced communication, improved prospecting, and revenue growth

Streamlined content sharing

Leaders efficiently shared content with prospects, facilitating quick and convenient resource and training material distribution. 

Improved communication

The instant messaging app facilitated seamless communication between leaders and members, nurturing a strong ‘sense of belonging.’ 

Efficient training

Prompt sharing of training material eliminated the need for physical CDs, making training resources instantly accessible to all members, thereby accelerating the learning process. 

Enhanced event experience

The events app centralized event info, improving the experience for thousands of attendees and boosting sales. It facilitated hosting 30+ small events and 2 large-scale annual events with 15,000+ attendees in less than a year  

Smart prospect ranking & recommendations

The app ranked prospects by conversion likelihood and provided intelligent content suggestions, optimizing leader interactions and content-sharing efficiency. 

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