JA Hotels

Transforming customer service and sales operations with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement  

Project Overview

Call center excellence and operational innovation

Confiz partners with JA Hotels to improve their call center operations, automate sales and marketing, drive operational excellence. 

The need

Overcoming customer service and sales hurdles

JA Hotels had been grappling with subpar customer service and inefficiencies in call center operations. Problems such as prolonged response times and breached service level agreements (SLAs) affected customer satisfaction, hence declining CSAT scores. Moreover, the hotel’s sales processes were fragmented, leading to a lack of insight into the sales pipeline.  

These challenges impeded business expansion, scalability, and operational oversight. To address them, JA Hotels sought an automated system to streamline customer service and sales management. Additionally, they aimed to integrate sales and marketing efforts to automate their campaigns. 

The Solution

End-to-end automation of customer services, sales and marketing operations

In a strategic collaboration, Confiz provided JA Hotels with an end-to-end automation solution that revolutionized their customer service, sales, and marketing operations. The plan was to automate the global contact center, corporate sales, and marketing operations. This initiative involved consolidating customer data in D365 Customer Engagement as a centralized and reliable source, integrating with multiple legacy applications. ​ 

What we did

D365 Customer Engagementcall center excellenceautomation

The Outcome

Enhanced decision-making, customer satisfaction, process efficiency and cost savings

Enhanced team productivity

The implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement improved productivity across functional teams. 


Data-driven decisions 

Informed decision-making through effective reporting capabilities.​ 


Improved customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction increased due to improved coordination between sales and service departments.​ 


Optimum customer service 

Efficient processes ensured the delivery of premium services to customers. 


More sales 

Successful implementation of cost-effective marketing strategies drove recurring business. 

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