Sustaining revenues through live streaming

Project Overview

Seamless broadcasting and connectivity

Successful implementation of a technology solution to broadcast online events, solidify community engagement, and protect ticket revenues.

The need

A broadcasting solution to retain revenue

In line with the global shift to virtual events, one of our client, having being at the forefront in the HR marketing and training industry, set out a vision to digitalize its operations. The business which thrived on massive networking and training events, and made a significant chunk of revenue through ticket sales, now had to find a digital solution to hosting large-scale online events. This would help ensure that loyal community members could be consistently engaged to sustain the ticket proceeds.

The Solution

Digital platform created to connect communities

To protect the ticket proceeds, a mobile application was built that would allow broadcasters to host both small to large networking events. The smaller events for up to 1,500 attendees could be hosted on-the-go through live streaming powered by iOS and Android. For multi-broadcasting, up to three speakers could be a part of a single live broadcast. Additionally, chat functionality and the recording feature were added to enhance user experience.

To facilitate larger events, a webcast feature was enabled through Vimeo. The feature was compatible with both web and mobile apps and could stream to thousands of users at the same time.

What we did

Mobile app developmentuser experienceiOS developmentAndroid developmentDigitial transformation

The Outcome

Enhanced online connectivity and user experience

Preserved ticket revenue

No major loss in ticket revenue incurred due to the digital transformation.

Improved digital communication

Digital communication capitalized to retain the ‘sense of belonging’ in the network of contacts

Expanded networking event attendance

15000 users were able to attend two annual networking events.

Smooth event execution

30+ small events conducted online through mobile apps in less than 2 years.

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