Largest retail chain UAE

Reimagining retail brilliance and operational agility with Dynamics 365

Project Overview

Elevating operational excellence and customer experience

Confiz empowers the UAE’s largest retail chain with operational excellence and an enhanced customer experience through the intuitive capabilities of Dynamics 365. The solution helped the business drive process excellence, generate data-driven insights, and craft personalized customer journeys 

The need

Strategically addressing operational obstacles and elevating customer satisfaction

The largest retail chain in the UAE, boasting 45+ hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, and 7 shopping malls, confronted issues stemming from its outdated AX2012 R3 ERP and POS system, coupled with a lack of visibility into customer data. In response, the client aimed to bolster operational agility, capture customer data, and leverage it for meaningful analytics to enhance the customer experience. In a retail landscape where evolution is essential, this industry leader required a transformative solution to maximize its extensive presence, ensuring unparalleled operational efficiency and elevating every customer’s journey. 

The Solution

Process excellence and remarkable customer journeys: Dynamics 365 implementation triumphs

Confiz skillfully executed the implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, elevating the company’s technological infrastructure to the latest platform. This encompassed digitizing key areas, including Finance, Supply Chain Management (SCM), and retail operations. Notable benefits the business gained included an online vendor portal, the centralization of procurement processes, and the automation of back margin calculations and allotments. Additionally, significant improvements were made to warehouse and retail operations, enhancing their overall efficiency and robustness. Furthermore, our adept team seamlessly deployed Dynamics 365 Customer Service and MS Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, contributing to an enhanced customer experience. 

The strategic initiative undertaken had a profound impact on augmenting the retail giant’s customer experience while concurrently optimizing process control and business efficiency. Confiz’s strategic approach, rooted in our expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, ensured that client’s transformation wasn’t just a digital upgrade but a holistic evolution that invigorated every aspect of its operations. 

What we did

Dynamics 365 Finance and OperationsDynamics 365 Customer ServiceDynamics 365 Customer InsightsDigitial transformation

The Outcome

Operational success, accelerated productivity, increased profits, and informed decision-making

Enhanced operational efficiency

Implementing Dynamics 365 F&O allowed the client to achieve substantial operational efficiency in its retail and supply chain processes.  


Productivity and profitability

The seamless integration and automation of business processes improved productivity and profitability, fostering a more robust bottom line.  

Personalized customer experience

By using valuable customer insights and data through Dynamics 365 customer insights, the client successfully delivers personalized customer experiences, fostering stronger engagement and loyalty.  

Inventory assortment 

The deployment further helped businesses streamline inventory assortment, effectively aligning product offerings with demand dynamics.   

Data-driven decision-making

The solution empowered the client with data-driven decision-making capabilities through customer insights, contributing to informed strategies. 

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