Footwear brand USA

Optimizing supply chain efficiency with tailored RPA solutions using Power Automate

Project Overview

Improved supply chain operations and workflow automation

Confiz empowers a leading footwear brand to eliminate supply chain bottlenecks and inaccuracies with Microsoft Power Automate and strategic RPA integration. 


The need

A case for automation-driven supply chain operations

A market leader in casual footwear had its supply chain operations hindered by manual and labor-intensive processes, resulting in bottlenecks and inaccuracies within the system. In search of a remedy, the company sought an automation-driven solution to streamline their workflows and alleviate the burden on their supply chain workforce. They aimed to enhance operational efficiency while concurrently curbing expenses. 

The Solution

Automating workflows through strategic RPA integration

Confiz worked closely with the footwear brand’s supply chain team to understand their unique needs and challenges thoroughly. Recognizing the potential benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in streamlining operations, Confiz proposed leveraging Microsoft Power Automate, a powerful low-code platform for creating automated workflows. 

Confiz’s experienced RPA specialists conducted a detailed analysis of the brand’s current supply chain processes, identifying various areas suitable for automation, including order processing, inventory management, demand forecasting, and supplier communication. Confiz developed customized solutions for each use case using Power Automate, ensuring seamless integration with the company’s existing processes. 

What we did

Microsoft Power AutomateRobotic Process Automation

The Outcome

Optimal supply chain operations, cost efficiency and improved business focus

Enhanced efficiency

Task automation saved time and increased efficiency, allowing for more focus on strategic activities like data analysis and decision-making. 

Reduced errors

Automated data entry reduced errors in supply chain operations and improved accuracy and customer satisfaction.  

Scalability and flexibility

Workflow automation enhanced order processing and enabled more agile adaptation to expanding requirements. 

Streamlined communication

Improved flow of communication with suppliers led to faster and clearer information exchange, more collaboration, strengthened relationships, and optimal supply chain performance. 

Cost reduction

The company saved money on labor and inventory by using less manual labor and reducing errors, increasing overall profits. 

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