People-driven retail experience

Project Overview

One device-agnostic destination

Confiz partners with Macy’s to develop a solution for improving collaboration and real-time store management across managers, employees, and leadership. 

The need

Digitize operations and collaboration opportunities

Minimize friction points in customer experience, enable mobility for supervisors, enabling them to spend more time on the sales floor, digitize the amount of paper-based tools, and enable employee collaboration across units.


Key challenges

  • Minimizing friction points in customer experience 
  • Enabling mobility for supervisors to spend more time on the sales floor 
  • Digitizing numerous paper-based tools 
  • Facilitating employee collaboration across units 

The Solution

Enabling mobile connectivity

Provided Microsoft Surface tablets to enable mobility and developed My Store App solutions with Microsoft and Confiz that enabled managers’ access to 30+ applications and reports on my device, at any time.

What we did

Data-drivendata insightsAutomation & MobilityData

The Outcome

Enhanced productivity and reduced costs

Higher customer satisfaction 

Improved customer satisfaction score and provided real-time KPI results. 

Data and app integration  

Integrated legacy and third-party apps and data. 

Reduced print cost  

Eliminated paper-based process, reducing annual in-store printing cost by $22MM, and delivered sustainability commitments. 

Alerts and notifications  

Provided notification and alerting for the omnichannel workload. 

Reduced employee turnover  

28% reduction in employee turnover. 

Customer Feedback

“We believe that our partnership with Microsoft and Confiz to create and leverage best-in-class technology will allow us to make the customer experience more seamless across all channels and mitigate the disruption impacting today’s retail environment.”

Sue McMohon

Group Vice President, Retail Communication

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