America’s top print media company

Journey of scalable transformation – from print to digital publishing

Project Overview

Scalable cloud infrastructure and data management

Digital enablement of an established print magazine across web, mobile, voice assistants and smart TVs to enhance subscriptions, and streamline operations.

The need

Scaling business reach and streamlining operations

Keeping up with the demand for digital content from the online reading community, our client, one of America’s largest diversified print media and information companies, envisioned scaling its online presence to expand its reach and subscriptions. This goal would facilitate real-time content publishing for a magazine that was previously only printed quarterly.

To streamline its operations, the client also needed to move away from manually registering user data in silos to a digitalized data-keeping system, in an attempt to enhance access to information, and eliminate management delays. Through digitalization, the operations team also hoped to simplify, and organize the complex, user subscription models that had to be manually maintained.

The Solution

Establishing omnichannel platforms backed by cloud infrastructure

An omnichannel solution including mobile, voice assistants (Alexa and Siri), and smart TV (AppleTV and RokuTV) was delivered to allow the client to enhance its customer experience, and increase its subscriptions by updating dynamic content regularly.

Operationally, the client teams could access feature-rich dashboards to effectively manage their subscription and promotion models in real-time through preset rules and automation. In addition, the digital system was backed by a cloud-based scalable infrastructure to enable integration to the legacy information management systems, and help manage and store data centrally.

What we did

Omnichannel solutionCloud migrationDigitial transformation

The Outcome

Significantly enhanced operations, customer experience and greater outreac

Elevated customer experience

Enhanced customer experience where the digital community could enjoy content through multiple digital channels.




Improved customer retention

Swift customer support increased customer retention.

Data management mastery

Effective data management through cloud-based scalable infrastructure.



Tailored subscriptions and promotions

Customizable subscription and promotional models for multidisciplinary audiences.


Collaborative customer engagement

Customer collaboration to share reviews and thoughts through digital channels.

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