Middle East based gaming retailer

Elevating operational efficiency & fostering customer loyalty with Dynamics 365

Project Overview

Improved financial visibility, streamlined operations, and efficient order fulfillment

A prominent Middle East-based gaming retailer collaborates with Confiz to orchestrate an unparalleled digital transformation journey through the power of Dynamics 365 customized solution. 

The need

Navigating complexity: Unifying process for optimal performance

As one of the leading gaming retailers in the Middle East expanded its operations, the need to transition from a legacy system to an integrated ERP solution became paramount. Managing a diverse range of gaming products, including consoles, games, accessories, and merchandise, while ensuring an efficient supply chain presented a significant challenge. Consolidating financial data from multiple stores and effectively managing inventory, pricing, and promotions across various retail touchpoints further complicated matters. The retailer required an ERP solution that could seamlessly unite their retail, supply chain, and financial operations into a harmonized, user-friendly system while optimizing processes, improving efficiency, and accelerating business performance. 

The Solution

Unifying business operations and propelling innovation with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

The client partnered with Confiz to seamlessly implement cloud-enabled Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, driving business growth. The implementation included D365 Retail, SCM, and Financials, while C-Analytics provided a comprehensive view of the financial landscape. 

In a remarkable display of technological prowess, Confiz implemented an advanced mobile-powered warehousing system, streamlining their warehouse operations and increasing overall efficiency. This innovation went hand-in-hand with designing and implementing a serialized product tracking system, enabling the retailer to effectively manage warranties and track their products throughout the supply chain. Taking it a step further, Confiz served as the technology catalyst, devising a powerful pre-order booking solution using D365 order management, giving the retailer a competitive advantage in the dynamic gaming industry. Building on the momentum of success, Confiz also introduced a cutting-edge gift and voucher marketing solution, amplifying customer engagement and fostering loyalty. Furthermore, the team of tech experts successfully delivered comprehensive functionality of D365 MPOS (Mobile point of sale system), enabling the gaming retailer to embark on a journey of unparalleled growth and success. 

What we did

C-AnalyticsDynamics 365 Finance and OperationsRetailD365 MPOS

The Outcome

Operational excellence and enhanced customer engagement

Cost savings and productivity benefit

Replacing the legacy system with Dynamics 365 F&O proved transformative, slashing operational costs by 15% and boosting productivity by 40%.  

Efficient warehousing operations

Advanced warehousing operations drove efficiency, facilitating seamless inbound and outbound processes, while D365 SCM ensured end-to-end supply chain visibility. 

Efficient product tracking

Implementing serialized product tracking significantly streamlined the client’s warranty management and product tracking processes. 

D365 order management for pre-booking

The D365 order management solution for pre-booking upcoming products empowered the client with a significant competitive edge over other gaming retailers. 

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Effective customer engagement through gifts and voucher marketing drove higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

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