Driving efficiency: VIVA’s success with C-Analytics and Dynamics 365 

Project Overview

Revolutionizing inventory management

Confiz partners with VIVA to implement Dynamics 365 for streamlined inventory management and harnesses the power of advanced data analytics through C-Analytics, enhancing decision-making processes. 

The need

Enhancing efficiency amid business expansion

As VIVA experienced rapid business growth, the need for a robust solution to enhance forecasting accuracy, streamline inventory management, and facilitate timely decision-making became paramount. The challenges included coping with increased data volumes and ensuring that decision-makers had access to actionable insights. 

The Solution

Integrating C-Analytics and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for process optimization

To address these challenges, VIVA made a strategic decision to implement C-Analytics and integrate it with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This integration enabled the consolidation of diverse data sources, providing real-time access to detailed analytics. The combination of C-Analytics and Dynamics 365 allowed VIVA to streamline operations, optimize inventory management, and harness the power of advanced data analytics. 

What we did

Microsoft Dynamics 365C-AnalyticsInventory management

The Outcome

Empowering data-driven decisions and streamlined operations

Timely and accurate decision-making

The organization achieved a significant improvement in decision-making processes. Decision-makers could rely on real-time data insights, enabling them to make informed choices swiftly. 

Identification of hidden data patterns and anomalies

 The combined solution uncovered hidden data patterns and anomalies, providing valuable insights into market trends and customer behaviors. 

Streamlined processes and enhanced visibility

Operations across the organization were streamlined, resulting in increased visibility into inventory management, sales, and customer interactions.


Optimal resource allocation

Enhanced visibility allowed VIVA to optimize resource allocation and improve overall efficiency. 

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