Fortune 500 retail client

Digitalizing pharmacy operations

Project Overview

Accessible service and enhanced customer experience

A kiosk solution to reduce in-store queuing time, optimize operational costs by eliminating extended store hours, and centralize data banks to achieve timely decision making.

The need

Operational cost optimization and data integration

Catering to a large customer base, one of our Fortune 500 clients wanted to find a solution to not just prevent the delayed service in their pharmacies but also the resultant extended store hours that led to higher operational costs.

At the same time, the client also expected to update the client’s legacy information system to store data from all the pharmacies to be integrated at one location. This would expedite crucial decisions regarding inventory and procurement.

The Solution

A kiosk service solution built powered by the cloud

The digital self-service solution was integrated with a network of kiosks ready for service around the clock, located at accessible pick-up points such as next to hospitals. The system was designed to allow customers to not just order their prescriptions available in the inventory right away but also place a custom quantity for pick-up later. Orders could also be placed using a mobile application built by the client and integrated with the system. To address data integration, the kiosk management system used in-built technology to ensure that the client could benefit from unified data analytics through the cloud.

What we did

kiosk management systemData analyticsCloud

The Outcome

Reduced operational cost and integrated data analytics

Efficient cost-savings

Cost-savings due to reduced dependency on sales staff

Expanded service accessibility

Service accessibility enhanced as the kiosks could be placed near customer hotspots

Operational cost reduction

Operational costs reduced because of the elimination of extended store hours

Enhanced service availability

Service availability enhanced due to availability beyond business hours

Empowered decision-making

Timely decision making enabled through integrated data, insightful reports, and data analytics

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