Global fast-food restaurant chain

A tale of modernizing operations with the power of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Project Overview


Confiz drives the digital transformation of the world’s largest fast-food chain through Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations to improve financial visibility, enhance customer experience, and streamline operations. 

The need

Harnessing the power of financial and business process automation to accelerate success

The globally renowned fast-food chain faced operational and financial difficulties due to its decentralized systems, leading to inaccurate and manual financial data compilation. As a result, it was becoming increasingly challenging for the management to evaluate their business performance, make strategic decisions, and calculate profit margins with confidence. 

Furthermore, the lack of automation resulted in supply chain inconsistencies, inventory management challenges, and increased fraud risk. Nonetheless, the fast-food restaurant chain saw this as an opportunity to introduce a centralized system to enhance financial control and streamline operations, like sales, inventory, and supply chain management, as they understood the significance of automation in driving efficiency, boosting productivity, and staying ahead of the game. 

The Solution

The journey to the digital revolution with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

The fast-food restaurant chain partnered with Confiz to implement Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, driving innovation and technology adoption. The solution revamped business processes, increased operational agility, and optimized supply chain operations. The finance module provided tailored features for managing accounts, cash flow, and financial reporting. Seamless integration with other systems improved financial visibility and streamlined processes. 

Customizations based on specific business needs enabled automated report generation for retail teams, facilitating better performance analysis alongside wastages and cost reduction. Real-time inventory visibility and streamlined supply chain operations were also ensured. Leveraging Microsoft’s comprehensive technology stack, including Azure and Power BI, further elevated the digital transformation, delivering a secure, end-to-end solution for the business. 

What we did

Microsoft AzureDynamics 365 Finance and OperationsMicrosoft Power BIDigital transformation

The Outcome

Revolutionized business operations and enhanced financial visibility

Complete financial visibility and control 

The solution enabled insight-led decision-making and brought financial visibility for the managers, giving them greater control over the business’ financial landscape.  

Productivity and data accuracy improvements 

Automating manual and error-prone tasks for retail and finance teams resulted in improved productivity and data accuracy.  

Enhanced production insights and demand forecasting 

The production module gave a clear picture of CGS, Closing stock, production, and consumption value. Helping finance teams forecast demand and carry out accurate and timely reporting.  

Optimized supply chain operations 

The supply chain module improved operational efficiency by giving the global fast-food chain a real-time view of its inventories and tracking its orders and deliveries.  

Operational excellence  

Dynamics 365 empowered the food chain with a flexible, scalable, and secure solution to streamline operations and achieve better business outcomes. 

Customer feedback

“Choosing Confiz as our partner for implementing Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations was a clear choice. Their customized solution provided full financial control, accurate data, and real-time inventory visibility. This empowered us to make insightful decisions and achieve better business outcomes. Working with the Confiz team was a pleasure as they met our unique needs with their expertise and responsiveness.”

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