Multi-brand restaurant UAE

A culinary evolution: Elevating restaurant operations and HRM with Dynamics 365

Project Overview

Transforming operational brilliance

Confiz empowers UAE’s renowned multi-brand restaurant by implementing Dynamics 365 for operational excellence, seamless human resource management, and improved financial controls, ultimately boosting agility and elevating the overall dining experience for patrons. 

The need

Navigating operational hurdles and improving restaurant order management

UAE’s renowned tech-powered, multi-brand restaurant with a globally recognized cloud-based kitchen platform was faced with a challenge. 

Inadequate solid waste management, excess capacity, and inefficient customer order handling hindered the client’s daily growth, scalability, and operational controls. Furthermore, there was a pressing need for a robust human resource management system to integrate attendance records and ensure reliable payroll processing across all legal entities. The restaurant recognized the urgency to address these challenges with a powerful solution. 

The Solution

A recipe for operational success through Dynamics 365 implementation

Confiz successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365, optimizing the client’s core business processes spanning the supply chain, inventory management, finances, human resources, and payroll. In a pivotal step towards operational excellence, our team developed a customized Employee Self-Service (ESS) and payroll system for the client to manage employee-related tasks and payroll processes.

In addition to this, a tailored Employee Self-Service (ESS) and payroll system was created and seamlessly integrated with the client’s attendance machines, effectively managing leave requests and ESS scenarios. Consequently, the client can now efficiently and consistently generate payroll for a workforce of over 3000 employees. 

What we did

Microsoft Dynamics 365Employee Self-Service portalpayroll system

The Outcome

Efficient resource allocation, improved financial control, and operational agility  

Financial precision

Implementing Dynamics 365 led to precise food cost calculations, ensuring financial accuracy and minimal variance in cost analysis. 

Waste reduction mastery

The solution facilitated efficient control over wastage, enabling the restaurant to conserve resources and minimize unnecessary expenses. 

Optimizing stock levels

The restaurant optimized its stock levels through streamlined inventory management, reduced excess inventory, and improved its overall resource allocation. 

Timely financial insights

The integration of Dynamics 365 enabled the generation of timely financial reports and insights, providing the client with valuable data for informed decision-making. 

Effortless payroll management

Client efficiently managed ESS and payroll across multiple Middle Eastern countries, with the potential to expand into additional European legal entities within the group.  

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