Stay ahead of ZATCA’s regulations: Ensure seamless e-invoicing integration with Confiz 

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Transform your business landscape with E-Invoicing Phase II – a pivotal element in modern tax administration in Saudi Arabia. This phase offers a seamless approach to generating, sending, and tracking invoices while aligning with the latest tax laws and regulations. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the ZATCA-governed E-invoicing Phase 2 marks a significant leap toward transparency and financial compliance. By requiring businesses to comply with electronic invoicing, record keeping, and taxation standards, ZATCA minimizes opportunities for tax evasion and ensures everyone contributes their fair share, creating a level playing field for businesses.

A background of e-invoicing phases in KSA


On 4 December 2020, the Government introduced ZATCA e-invoicing regulations in Saudi Arabia, which is being released in two phases:

  • Phase 1, effective 4 December 2021, mandates the generation of e-invoices and e-notes, including related processing and record keeping.
  • Phase 2, effective from 1 January 2023, mandates the integration of a taxpayer’s system with the ZATCA, along with the transmission of e-invoices and e-notes to the ZATCA. This phase is being implemented in waves. The criteria and timelines for the first nine waves, which were previously announced, can be found on ZATCA’s official portal.


Why is ZATCA compliance mandatory for your business?


As the deadline approaches, businesses falling in Wave 5-9 (with a revenue bracket of SAR 30 M – 100 M) and taxpayers from the previous waves who still haven’t complied with ZATCA’s e-invoicing regulations must prepare to integrate their ERP and POS systems with Fatoora (ZATCA’s e-invoicing portal) within specified timelines. Non-compliance with ZATCA Phase 2 integration mandates can result in severe penalties and fines.

Embracing ZATCA’s e-invoicing system, on the other hand, brings a host of advantages for organizations like yours, such as streamlined tax administration procedures, reduced costs in the invoicing process, error prevention, and enhanced digitalization throughout the supply chain. Moreover, this adoption improves your accounting practices, ensuring transparency through effective invoice tracking and enriching the consumer experience by digitizing the consumer-supplier relationship.

Simplify ZATCA e-invoicing integration with your Dynamics 365 ERP and Microsoft POS system through Confiz


Confiz, a globally recognized technology expert and Microsoft solutions partner specializes in providing seamless integration services for Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Point of Sale systems with the middleware (EGS), ensuring compliance with ZATCA standards. Our unwavering commitment guarantees strict adherence to all region-specific regulatory and taxation requirements, solidifying our position as the preferred partner for comprehensive IT solutions and seamless integrations.

With our expertise:

  • Align with ZATCA’s guidelines and empower your business
  • Generate e-invoices for seamless compliance
  • Ensure smooth integration of your e-invoicing solution with FATOORA
  • Automate QR code generation for efficiency
  • Receive dedicated support for a smooth e-invoicing journey


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