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We are a global technology services and solutions company, catering to small, medium and large enterprises, with multiple fortune 100 customers in retail, CPG, manufacturing, and other verticals.

Our expertise areas include Cloud, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM, Bespoke Development and Consulting, as well as our flagship solutions Shopper Value (retail footfall measurement solution) and C-Analytics (Business Intelligence dashboard for KPI tracking).

Growing global footprint.
Driven by seasoned leadership

The company was found in 2005 and has now grown to a workforce of more than 600 team members working from offices in North America, the Middle East, Pakistan and Estonia. Over the years, the organization has expanded through excellence in leadership and a strong uncompromising focus on quality deliverables.

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Our mission

Nurturing ecosystems of success by harnessing technology and capitalizing on human ingenuity to solve real-world problems

Our values


Courage is not just a quality, it’s an expectation at Confiz. Speaking your mind is the minimum requirement for the job. Our courage is rooted in an unprecedented curiosity for the unknown — the unsolved.


Lean is our lifestyle. Agility is in our blood. We do more with less. We cut the fluff out of problems before solving them. No one at Confiz gets extra points for increasing headcount or incurring fixed costs.

Own it

We don’t play to win. We play to keep playing. We always own the outcome and we embrace successes and failures alike. We measure our progress by our ability to learn and improve perpetually.

Don't settle

Delivering quality on time and making clients happy are mere milestones on our road to fulfillment. We seek the extraordinary in everything we do. We love that our dreams are always a moving target.


At Confiz, every uncommon personality and every audacious idea is not just welcomed but celebrated. The richness of our solutions comes from the remarkable nature of our bonds as a team.

Message from the CEO

Since our inception, we've successfully built a reputation of trust, reliability and of delivering exceptional services. We are progressively diversifying into new markets with our battle-hardened methodologies. Every day, we work to empower our customers to get the maximum out of technology. We challenge, we innovate and we continue to deepen our knowledge expertise to realize the best value for our customers. We do this through a culture that cultivates a relationship-based approach to helping people and businesses be successful.
Muhammad Raza Saeed
Muhammad Raza Saeed

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