How to trigger Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations business events with Power Automate

D365 business event

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations users often need to perform actions and send notifications based on certain events within the system, allowing stakeholders to make timely, informed decisions. This functionality exists in the form of business events. These events provide a mechanism to alert or notify external systems about changes that occur in the D365FO […]

Power Automate free vs. paid versions: Choosing the best fit for your business

As competition in the marketplace increases, automation has emerged as a necessity. It is important for businesses as it eliminates manual errors, reduces costs, improves accuracy, and enables better utilization of resources for growth and scalability. According to Mckinsey, 50% of work can be automated in today’s age as 94% of workers say they perform redundant, time-consuming tasks in […]

How to use Microsoft Forms to send calendar invites using Power Automate


Microsoft Power Automate offers a collection of convenient prebuilt templates that serve as an excellent starting point for beginners. These user-friendly templates can be implemented in under 10 minutes, making them incredibly accessible. One of the fantastic features of Power Automate is its integration with the Microsoft Forms connector. With this capability, you can effortlessly incorporate […]

Automation at its best: How Microsoft Power Automate revolutionizes workflows


In today’s digital landscape, automating business processes have become crucial for organizations of all sizes. Automation enables businesses to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and improve business efficiency. As a result, recent studies have projected that the global market for business process automation will grow to a staggering USD 19.6 billion by 2026. By automating repetitive […]

What is Power Automate? Everything you need to know


Power Automate is Microsoft’s cloud-based workflow engine. The platform can swiftly automate any task or process. Businesses can use it to automate recurring tasks to save time. It comes with a wide range of connectors that businesses can use to automate their current processes particularly if they are based on MS Office 365.   Microsoft Flow […]

How to power automate Microsoft Forms for sending invitations


Businesses can automate Microsoft Forms using Microsoft Power Automate by creating a flow that automatically performs one or more tasks when triggered by an action or an event.   In this post, you will look at how one can automate sending invitations to people planning to attend an event online along with people planning to […]

6 business processes you can easily automate using Microsoft Power Platform


Through Power Automate, businesses can automate workflows for a quicker turnaround of tasks that can be easily performed by bots. The workflows begin with a ‘trigger’ which is a predefined event that initiates a response. Once the workflow is triggered, tasks defined in the workflow are automatically performed with the help of robotic process automation […]

HR automation | HR processes to automate in 2023


From hiring new employees and training them to ensuring that the company is compliant with the local labor laws, businesses must go the extra mile to keep a healthy working environment for all employees.  HR, which previously had its employees relying on manual data entry and record-keeping in getting the job done, continues to realize […]