Confiz strengthens industry presence as co-sponsor with Walmart, Deloitte & Meta at NWA Tech Summit

Confiz was proud to sponsor the 10th Northwest Arkansas Technology Summit, joining industry titans like Walmart, Meta, Sam’s Club, Deloitte, and Microsoft. We showcased our innovative solutions through the lens of Adaptive Employee Experience (AEX), empowering retailers to build a connected, productive, and thriving workforce. 

Held from October 29 to November 1, 2023, at the Rogers Convention Center and Downtown Bentonville, this annual event is celebrated to enhance, prepare, and diversify the NWA economy. Under the captivating theme “Year of the Machines,” the summit focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation. Over 2,000 eager attendees gathered to explore the latest advancements in these fields, featuring more than 100 sessions and a display of innovation at 50+ demo booths across downtown Bentonville. 

Key sessions at the four-day summit covered automation and AI, security and privacy, retail innovation, startup and scaleup, community tech, and advancing health access, equity, and outcomes. The event also featured engaging breakout sessions, keynote presentations, product/service demos, and extensive networking opportunities. 

Clayton Woodruff, Director of Customer Success, and Asim Bashir Bhatti, Senior Software Architect, delivered an insightful tech talk titled “Adaptive Employee Experience (AEX) Transforming the Employee Experience in Retail.” During his session, Clayton delved into fostering a positive employee experience to drive business success. He emphasized the impact of a positive work environment on employee productivity, engagement, and retention. He elaborated on the principles of AEX, a dynamic approach that adapts to employees’ evolving needs and expectations. Furthermore, he highlighted how Confiz leverages AEX to empower organizations in the retail industry to create a culture of engagement and innovation. 

The Northwest Arkansas Tech Summit 2023 served as a pivotal platform for Confiz to share its expertise on AEX and contribute to regional organizations,” said Clayton. “Through our expertise and deep industry knowledge, we are committed to assisting businesses in crafting superior employee experiences that drive productivity, engagement, and retention, ultimately leading to organizational success.” 

The summit was a platform for knowledge exchange and offered networking opportunities through receptions and a “Convos & Cocktails” happy hour. Attendees had the unique chance to test-drive autonomous and electric cars, including models like Dodge Hornet and Ford Mustang Mach-E. Additionally, immersive experiences at demo booths allowed participants to explore cutting-edge technologies, providing insights into uncharted territories. 

Confiz’s active participation and insightful contributions at the summit underscored our commitment to driving technological innovation. By creating personalized digital workplaces, we are dedicated to boosting employee satisfaction and building a more engaged workforce. These efforts align with our mission to contribute to the success of organizations through transformative solutions that redefine the employee experience.