Confiz joins Google Cloud Partner Program

Confiz joins the Google Cloud Partner Program to accelerate industry-focused digital transformation. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Confiz as it is a major step towards solidifying its success across various business models, particularly in Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

With this partnership, Confiz aims to expand its support to businesses by offering them the expertise and tools required to transition to a modern cloud-based model to reduce operational costs and enhance IT efficiency.

While discussing the vision behind the partnership, Aitezaz Sheikh, Vice President of Engineering at Confiz, said,” AI technologies fuel industry-wide digital change, and innovation cannot continue without access to specialists in these fields. Confiz’s partnership with Google Cloud demonstrates its commitment to assisting clients in transforming their businesses using machine learning in the cloud. We are proud to collaborate with a reputable industry leader and hope to use Google’s extensive technical expertise and investments to advance digital transformation across businesses.”

The partnership between Confiz and Google Cloud signifies that Confiz has completed a comprehensive evaluation process conducted by Google, which examined its technical proficiency in utilizing Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) advanced data analytics and machine learning services. This achievement is a significant validation of Confiz’s proven track record in providing cutting-edge solutions to its clients and leveraging the latest technologies to help them achieve long-term business growth and success.

Through this partnership, Confiz can now offer its clients further comprehensive and advanced services, ensuring they remain ahead of the curve in their respective industries.

Confiz is committed to creating a technology ecosystem that bridges the gap between individuals and companies. Moreover, by partnering with Google Cloud, it plans to leverage a diverse range of Google technologies to drive corporate growth plans and fulfill its promise to innovate and excel.